Good and Bad of Lonzo, It's Not KD's Birthday, Sato Holds the Flag, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Good and Bad of Lonzo, It’s Not KD’s Birthday, Sato Holds the Flag, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Oof. A huge missed opportunity. 

If I ran into Marc Eversley on the street today, I’d immediately invite him to the nearest bar. He would proceed to accept (ya know, since he is a daily reader of BN Bulls), and the two of us would link arms as we skip down the sidewalk. I would order us two White Claws once we arrived for those #SummerVibes, and I’d begin to map out my foolproof offseason plan. About three minutes in, Eversley would stop me in my tracks and call Arturas Karnisovas. Four minutes after that, Karnisovas would arrive with Benny the Bulls, and I would go on to explain why Lonzo Ball is the biggest priority.

After finishing our outing by shotgunning a 312 and throwing back a swig of Malort, we would go our separate ways. Ball would be a Bull a couple of weeks later.

•   I honestly think it’s funny how fast I have jumped on the Ball bandwagon. I used to refuse to even walk by the station. Not only did I always find him to be an overrated prospect, but I too got put off by the circus that surrounded his family. Although, to his credit, Ball has largely separated himself from his rambunctious father. He has also played a brand of basketball that feels like it could come in handy on a number of winning teams around the league. More specifically, he is a high-effort defender who uses his elite size and the point guard position to stir up trouble. Ball is also a natural pass-first floor general in a league where those are relatively hard to find. Not to mention, the dude is 23-years-old, which means he has plenty of room to grow, and he fits this Bulls’ timeline well.

•   While the scoring may not be anything to rave about, it’s something he seems to be gradually developing, especially along the perimeter. Ball’s 3-point shot was always a concern coming out of college thanks to an awkward shooting motion. In Year 1 and Year 2 he shot just 31.5 percent from long-range. However, over the last two seasons Ball has shown what a little extra practice can do, finishing 37.5 percent (6.6 attempts per game) in 2019-20 and 37.8 percent (8.3 attempts per game) in 2020-21. This past season, he also shot an efficient 40.2 percent on his catch-and-shoot 3-pointer, which is a shot he should see plenty alongside Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic.

•   Ok, I’ve only really preached the good things about Ball lately, which probably isn’t fair. He may be the best target for the team this summer, but he is not going to solve every problem this team has in their frontcourt. First of all, he does not get to the free-throw line … like … at all. Chicago ranked dead-last in free-throw attempts per game last season (17.5), and Ball’s individual career-high in attempts per game came during his rookie season with 1.4. Secondly, while he would do a much better job of managing the offense and bringing the ball up the floor, he is not some careful guard with the basketball. The guy’s turnover percentage sat at 13.6 this past season, which ranked in only the league’s 23rd percentile, per Cleaning the Glass. Lastly, I think it is important we note that Ball is another guy who has zero playoff experience. He has only been in the league four years, but it would be really nice to have another seasoned presence in the starting lineup.

•   Can’t wait for the Bulls to be 2022 champs after Kevin Durant demands a trade to play with LaVine. Book it.

•   Speaking of Durant, his face during this is the same as my girlfriend’s whenever I start dancing in public.

•   Don’t forget: Tomas Satoransky is making his Olympic debut! The Bulls’ point guard played a pivotal role in helping the Czech Republic fight their way into the 12-team field. On Friday, he had the privilege of servicing as the country’s official flag bearer at opening ceremonies. Satoransky will see his first action tomorrow against Team Iran.

•   I’ll be honest, I know very little about NFT’s, but I think it might be time to learn.

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Author: Elias Schuster

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