Beal and Siakam Trade Rumors, LaVine Wants to be a Menace, McGee Gets a Weird Question, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Beal and Siakam Trade Rumors, LaVine Wants to be a Menace, McGee Gets a Weird Question, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Death, Taxes, Bradley Beal trade rumors.

•   The spotlight has been on the NBA’s second-leading scorer in 2020-21 over the past few seasons thanks to the Washington Wizards’ inability to take the next step. However, considering Beal is only officially under contract for one more season, with a player option worth $37.3 million in 2022-23, trade talk arguably makes more sense than ever before. If he has not demonstrated a clear commitment to the Wizards organization past this season, it could very well be in the front office’s best interest to trade him for a significant package that would jumpstart a rebuild.

•   With that said, all Beal has done in recent seasons is stick by his franchise’s side. While outside observers have assumed otherwise, the word from inside the house has always been that Beal remains fully committed. According to Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer, though, that might finally change. A source close to Beal told Fischer that he could request a trade before the draft tips-off on July 29th.

•   If Beal does ask out, the list of interested teams will stretch far and wide. The Chicago Bulls could find themselves somewhere in the rumor mill, but it is truly hard to imagine they can make the most competitive offer. Arturas Karnisovas lacks significant draft compensation to throw into a deal (the next pick that can be traded is in 2025). He would also have to add young players like Patrick Williams and Coby White into the conversation, but would either really move the needle on a potential deal? I’d say no, especially when there are other teams like Golden State who could offer two 2021 lottery picks and James Wiseman.

•   The Wizards would also surely ask about LaVine, but that kind of swap would feel a bit counterintuitive. LaVine has started to offer a somewhat similarly elite scoring ability, and he is the slightly younger player of the two. Replacing one with the other could keep the Bulls in a very similar boat. So, yeah, the only way a Beal pursuit from Chicago makes sense is if LaVine remains on the roster. Oh, and I should also mention Fischer stated that “if Beal were to seek a new team, he would do so only to land in an established winning environment.” Unfortunately, Chicago does not have an established winning environment.

•   Toronto’s Pascal Siakam could also become available, according to Fischer. As a former All-Star and two-way frontcourt weapon who is just 27-years-old, there is no question he would be an excellent fit on this growing Bulls squad. Trading for him would cost less than Beal, but the price to pay would still include Patrick Williams. Would you be comfortable with that? Siakam averaged 21.4 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 4.5 assists last season. It’s tempting, but I’m not sure I’d shake hands.

•   Anyway, for more trade rumors and whatnot, check out our post from yesterday.

•   I hope you’re ready to wake up bright and early! Zach LaVine will make his Olympic debut against Team France tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. CT!

•   While LaVine’s minutes could eventually be cut down, we should see plenty of him tomorrow as Jrue Holiday, Khris Middleton, and Devin Booker are unlikely to see the floor.

•   Even if those minutes do begin to shrink, LaVine sounds nothing but honored to be in Tokyo. The All-Star spoke with reporters over a Zoom call on Saturday, and here is what he told The Sun-Times’ Joe Cowley about the start of Olympic action:

“Whatever I’ve got to get done, do it. We’re all not playing our regular starter minutes. I may come off the bench some games, I might start some games. But I’m here to bring energy. Obviously when I need to score, put the ball in the hoop I can do that, but try and bring a lot of energy and change the pace of the game. Pick up guys [defensively], be a menace out there.’’

•   Who knows if we will see a very different LaVine next season (I mean, I’ll gladly take last season’s LaVine again), but one has to think the energy he is putting in defensively will translate at least a tiny bit. The more he works on that part of his game in practice against fellow top players, the more impactful he should be for the Bulls next season.

•   This dude is out here living his best life and all we can do is stan.

•   What the absolute hell is this question?

•   Pamela McGee is an Olympic gold medalist who played for the Team USA women’s basketball team in 1984. She was featured in a SLAM profile on the McGee family in 2020, and she has a verified Twitter account with 12.8K followers (where she tweeted a couple of times about the Finals recently and her son’s Olympic journey). I found that info in under a minute with a quick Google search. If you have a question about McGee’s mother, do your research beforehand.

•   Proof!

•   If you can’t wait until tomorrow, Satoransky will take the floor tonight!

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.