Caruso's Unique Value to the Bulls, Contract Details for Simonovic and Ayo, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Caruso’s Unique Value to the Bulls, Contract Details for Simonovic and Ayo, and Other Bulls Bullets

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•   Alex Caruso has never averaged over 21.0 minutes per game or more than 9.2 points per game in a season, but few batted an eye when he received his four-year $37 million deal with Chicago. Why? Well, you can’t teach giving a sh*t, and the 27-year-old guard gives many sh*ts. Or, well, he gives a lot about one sh*t. Whichever’s the right way to say that.

•   Caruso reminded us of that on Friday afternoon when he sat down for his introductory press conference with Chicago media.

If I wanted to average double-figures, I could. I could take a handful of shots a game and my percentages would probably drop a little and we wouldn’t win as many games. For me, it’s always been about winning. That’s been my mentality, and it’s always worked for me, so I’ve kind of stuck with it. Pouring into other people, pouring into the team usually reaps rewards for the teams and yourself individually.

•   The Bulls desperately need a guy like Caruso. He brings (dare I say) Kirk Hinrich-esqu toughness and energy that every team in the league wants but it seems like only the strongest teams have (*points toward Lakers*). While I don’t believe the Bulls had players who did not care about making their teammates better, I do think they were previously a roster built around guys who did not exactly know how to do this. The offseason additions targeted that need. Between Ball, DeRozan, and Caruso, we are looking at three players who have recently succeed the most at helping the guys around them.

•   For Caruso, he best does this on the defensive end. He has built a reputation as one of the better perimeter and POA defenders in the NBA, which is a skill set anyone who watched the Bulls last season knew they lacked. When asked about what has gone into developing his talent on this end, Caruso basically said what we’d expect: More giving a sh*t.

•   Caruso may not make as many highlight plays as Lonzo Ball or DeMar DeRozan, but as the only player on this roster who has tasted what it’s like to compete on the biggest stage, I expect his contributions to be immense. To hear what else he has to say, check out the full media availability below:

•   We got some details on Javonte Green’s new deal with the Bulls.

•   If Caruso ever has to miss any time, I would not be surprised to see Green fill his shoes at times. Another high-energy, versatile defender, I like the idea of having Green as a back-of-bench option.

•   Speaking of minimum deals, we also got confirmation that Tony Bradley’s contract is for two years and $3.8 million. The second-year is a player option worth $2 million. To be honest, I expect Bradley is in a situation where he can turn down that option and hit the open market. Considering the lack of true frontcourt depth on this roster, Bradley could play a pretty significant role over the course of the season as Nikola Vucevic’s primary backup. I also think he can thrive in that role alongside guys like Caruso, Troy Brown Jr., and eventually Coby White off the bench. Also, stagger DeMar DeRozan into the second unit, and I could see some quality PNR action between these two.

•   Marko Simonovic’s contract details are here, and it appears the third season on his deal is of the non-guaranteed variety:


•   Ayo Dosunmu and Devon Dotson also inked their official deals with Chicago (if Simonovic got the remainder of the MLE, where did the money for Ayo come from? We’ll dig in soon).

•   Meanwhile, we are still waiting on this Lauri Markkanen decision, but the Bulls roster is starting to come together!

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