Playoff Track Record vs. Potential, Ayo's First Pitch, Pursuing Millsap, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Playoff Track Record vs. Potential, Ayo’s First Pitch, Pursuing Millsap, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

There are 51 more days until the first game of the 2021-2022 NBA Regular Season tip off between the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons. That’s just 1,224 hours. Or 73,440 minutes. Or 4,406,400 seconds. We can make it. Go Bulls.

•   As much talent as the Chicago Bulls have added this offseason, no one is ready to say they are a true threat to make a deep playoff run. At least, not comfortably. And, look, I get it. Zach LaVine is the organization’s cornerstone, and he has yet to even sniff a playoff berth. Lonzo Ball is in the same boat, and Nikola Vucevic has just three first-round exits to show over his ten seasons in the league. Sure, DeMar DeRozan has an Eastern Conference Finals appearance under his belt, but that was six seasons ago (and alongside Kyle Lowry). The four-time All-Star is now 32 years old and not viewed as a No. 1 talent on a truly competitive playoff team. So while I believe some are sleeping on the potential ground this Bulls franchise could make up this season, I cannot blame them. Who on this team has proven they can win a ring? Alex Caruso!

•   With that said, I also think we can not underestimate the *ceiling* of this squad. The Bulls have three All-Stars in their starting lineup, and it’s hard not to think it could be the beginning of a special three-headed monster in the Eastern Conference. We might have our questions about LaVine, DeRozan, and Vucevic on the defensive end, but there is no denying they could be one of the most lethal offensive trios in the league. Speaking of which, ESPN decided to rank the league’s best “Big 3s,” and this Chicago Bulls bunch were nowhere to be seen. The disrespect continues!

•   Again, I understand the skepticism. We need to see this group on the court first before we make any long-term predictions. But it’s also hard not think that a LaVine-DeRozan-Vucevic combo can’t be worthy of a top-10 “Big 3” ranking by the end of the season. Hell, you might even be able to substitute Lonzo Ball in for one of those guys depending on how well he plays right off the bat. (Michael: Or maybe he’s part of a “Big 4”!)

•   The playoff track record might not be there in Chicago, but LaVine, Vooch, and DeRozan have eight All-Star appearances and counting among the three of them. All three also averaged 20+ per game last season, proving to be one of the league’s best scorers at their respective position. Some of that is thanks to their role on their previous teams, but some of that is also thanks to … ya know … talent. And if these three are as talented as their resume suggests, then they should be able to make something spicy happen this season. After all, this arguably the best team all three (+ Ball) have played on.

•   You know might be able to help with some veteran leadership and playoff experience? Paul Millsap.

•   Ayo Dosunmu being hella relatable.

•   And extremely cool.

•   And not a bad first pitch, either.

•   The NBA is taking the vaccine seriously, and you love to see it. There is no doubt this mandate is in the best interest of everyone involved in the NBA. From the owners, to the players, to the last janitor on the United Center payroll, a safe and healthy NBA community is the goal.

•   Okay, this is very cool.

•   In CROCS!

•   Have you seen what’s going on in New York?

•   At least Obvious Shirts is here to make it all worth it. LOL.

Michael Cerami contributed to this post. 

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.