Philly Sports Radio Caller Disregards a Hit-and-Run *While on the Air* to Vent About Ben Simmons

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Philly Sports Radio Caller Disregards a Hit-and-Run *While on the Air* to Vent About Ben Simmons

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If you think the Ben Simmons saga in Philadelphia couldn’t possibly get more annoying, imagine what it’s like for fans out in Philly. Actually, you don’t have to imagine, because this is crazier and funnier than anything you could drum up. I’d be shocked, but it’s Philly and they’ve got some serious fans out east.

Here’s the gist: A Sixers fan called into a Sports Radio show to rant about his frustration with Ben Simmons, but was immediately involved in a hit-and-run while on the air … and he just shrugged it off to continue his rant!

I haven’t stopped laughing about this since I found it this morning. Look, if I’m annoyed to the extent that I am with the Ben Simmons situation in Philly, I can only imagine how frustrated that “James in the Northeast” is, and all 76ers fans for that matter. But man … I’m just not sure that I could look past someone hitting my car and taking off to vent about it with a sports talk radio show.

As Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team answers James’ call, they ask him how he is doing, at which point you hear the impact of the other car hitting James’ vehicle.

“Oh, not bad,” James said. “Someone just hit my car… and they are driving off, that’s okay.”

“They swerved into my lane,” James continued. “Oh well, anyway, I was calling about Ben Simmons.”

“You just got into a car accident, and you’re calling about Ben Simmons?” Cataldi asked in a confused tone.

“Yeah, cuz he annoys me more than someone hitting me with their car and driving off,” James said in response.

Philadelphia sports fans have always had a reputation for being a different breed of diehard, for better or worse, but this is on another level.

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Author: Patrick K. Flowers

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