Curry's Historic Night, Bulls Best 3-Point Shooters, Trade Season Starts Now, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Curry’s Historic Night, Bulls Best 3-Point Shooters, Trade Season Starts Now, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

In the NBA’s 75th season, we have been reminded more than ever how many iconic players have stepped onto the hardwood. From Bill Russell to Jerry West to Moses Malone to Hakeem Olajuwon to Scottie Pippen to Dirk Nowitzki to Kawhi Leonard, the history of this game is wrapped around the finger of so many individually gifted athletes. In fact, the quality of talent that has filled this league since its inception is arguably what makes it stand out most among the country’s four major sports.

But for as jam-packed as the NBA is with notable names, only a few get to say they changed the game. Stephen Curry was already a member of that club, but he put an exclamation point on things last night. The 33-year-old finally surpassed Ray Allen’s 3-point record, hitting his 2,974th bucket from downtown in front of a sold-out Madison Square Garden crowd.

Yes, I’m here to talk about the Chicago Bulls, but I’m also here to show respect for one of the greatest games ever played. What makes basketball so special is the innovation and creativity that comes along with it. We have seen this league go through so many different eras and stylistic changes. Curry has been the catalyst for that most recent change, joining players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Julius Erving, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, and *shivers* LeBron James in single-handedly pushing the NBA in a new direction.

As Tom Thibodeau called a timeout (classy move, by the way) after Curry sank his record-breaking shot over Alec Burks, I could feel the weight of the moment 800+ miles away. I joined a stadium full of non-Warriors fans in standing with an irremovable smile on my face as Curry held back tears and hugged teammates. Sure, I was happy for Curry, but I was happier to simply witness the moment. We rarely know when we’re witnessing history in life. But, in sports, it’s crystal clear.

•   For the hell of it, I decided to take a peek at the Chicago Bulls franchise 3-point leader board. I already knew Kirk Hinrich led the way with 1049 3-point field goals made, but can you guess the next few names on the list? I’ll give you a minute. *sips coffee, reads another Bleacher Nation post, sips some more coffee, does some jumping jacks, builds a house of cards, destroys house of cards like a T-Rex, sips some more coffee* Let’s see if you were right:

Kirk Hinrich – 1049
Ben Gordon – 770
Scottie Pippen – 664
Zach LaVine – 625
Michael Jordan – 555
Lauri Markkanen – 493
Nikola Mirotic – 432
Steve Kerr – 430

•   I don’t think this list is particularly shocking, but it does show the Bulls haven’t had too many 3-point marksmen since they joined the league in 1966. If LaVine inks his new deal like many of us expect this offseason, it’s hard to imagine he doesn’t quickly rise toward the top of this chart. He has drained at least 184 shots from behind the arc in each of the past two seasons, and he is on pace to meet that mark again this year. Stay on this path, and LaVine will surpass Hinrich soon enough.

•   Is anyone else wearing their ‘ugly trade season’ sweater in honor of today? Mine features Otto Porter on a sled, Tyrus Thomas drinking cocoa, Doug McDermott on Santa’s lap, and Cash Considerations wrapping presents! For those who aren’t familiar, today is the day the majority of players signed this offseason become eligible to be traded. Many around the league view this as the unofficial start of the trade season, which means it’s only a matter of time before our Twitter timelines are flooded with trade rumors. I wrote a bit more about what this means for the Chicago Bulls below, and we’ll talk a lot more about trade stuff in the coming weeks.

•   A commenter brought up a great point, the Bulls do have a trade exception this season that I failed to mention in the more general discussion on their trade market philosophy above. This exception was created in the Daniel Theis sign-and-trade this offseason, and it basically gives the Bulls $5 million free dollars to absorb a player’s contract. Exactly who will become available is still unknown, but this does give the Bulls a little more flexibility when it comes to trying to add rotation talent. I still believe the team will not look to add too big of a piece, but I could see them sniffing around power forward depth and more bench scoring.

•   Shoutout ESPN for listing ever single player who can, technically, be traded:

•   The NBA is officially in a pickle.

•   Michael Jordan ain’t stopping.

•   Been there, done that. Highly recommend.

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Author: Elias Schuster

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