LaVine Talks Free Agency, DeMar is Happy Again, Raptors Injuries, and Other Bulls Bullets

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LaVine Talks Free Agency, DeMar is Happy Again, Raptors Injuries, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I’m convinced Zach LaVine has smiled more this season than in all his previous NBA season combined.

Don’t fact-check me on that. 

•   Zach LaVine sat down to talk with Team USA teammate and Golden State Warrior Draymond Green for an extended interview about winning gold, the Bulls hot start, and a bunch more. As someone who is known to have a limited filter, Green didn’t shy away from asking LaVine some of the bigger and more important questions about his career, ending their conversation by bringing up his impending free agency. However, now belonging to one of the top agencies in basketball, the Klutch Sports player kept his thoughts on the matter simple and balanced.

“We’re extremely excited,” LaVine said about the opportunity to be a free-agent for the first time and sign a new deal. “Obviously, what we’ve built in Chicago and what we’re going through this year, I’m extremely happy, and I know that for right now this is my home. But I’m excited because it’s a new experience.”

•   While talking about a new contract this offseason, LaVine made clear that Chicago is the place he would like to be moving forward. Yet, at the same time, he also made sure to note that winning is “crucial” for all parties heading into this season. Fortunately, the Chicago Bulls have been able to do just that during this 2021-22 season, and it sounds like as long as the Bulls stay committed to him, he’ll stay committed to the Bulls. I also think it’s quite telling that LaVine has continuously gushed about playing alongside DeMar DeRozan. In his conversation with Green, LaVine called his pairing with DeRozan a “match made in heaven,” and he explained his need for an experienced presence like the four-time All-Star who could tackle late-game situations and help guide this group to playoffs.

•   Of course, none of that means LaVine isn’t going to say he is “extremely excited” for unrestricted free agency. While I’m sure the Bulls plan to hand him whatever his max extension turns out to be, LaVine isn’t dumb. The man holds all the leverage, and the smartest thing to do is remind everyone of that from time to time. The more he does that, the sooner the Bulls throw a blank check on his desk (also, let’s all remember the Bulls can offer him more money than anyone come this summer).

•   Anyway, the whole interview between Green and LaVine is super entertaining and worth a listen. Check that out below:

•   Speaking of interviews, DeMar DeRozan had his own lengthy talk with Bleacher Reports’ Taylor Rooks on Tuesday, and he sure sounds like another guy who couldn’t be happier to put on a Bulls uniform: “I’ve proven to myself that I can be happy again playing basketball, and just be free again playing.”

•   Don’t get me wrong, this team’s incredibly horrible injury luck has dampened the overall mood a bit, but it’s still so encouraging to hear a star duo sound so content in Chicago. Even if this season did not to end with the greatest playoff success, this seems like a pairing that is hungry to keep the ball rolling (dribbling?). Obviously, yes, a lot can change in a little amount of time in this league, but the Bulls seem to have a foundation that is invested in building a sustainable winning product. And that feels huge.

•   We should see LaVine and DeRozan back on the floor together for the first time since January 14th tonight. Fortunately, this game will not come against a wicked-hot Golden State Warriors team ready to win by 42, but rather a Toronto squad that could be without two of its best players. According to the latest official injury report, rookie Scottie Barnes and potential All-Star Fred VanVleet are both questionable for tonight’s game with varying injuries.

•   Is the Lakers payback for the Bulls taking Alex Caruso? Someone make sure they know it’s not at all the same thing.

•   I can’t get enough of this bromance.

•   Is that good?

•   Ayo would never. The dude would start telling LeBron something he doesn’t know.

•   The Chicago Bears are on the brink of a coaching hire:

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.