Heading Overseas, Debunking LaVine Landing Spots, Draft Night Strategy, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Heading Overseas, Debunking LaVine Landing Spots, Draft Night Strategy, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Whether it be Ocean’s Twelve, Spider-Man Far Home, or Garfield the Tale of Two Kitties, every great sequel has taught us to take things overseas. And the Chicago Bulls will be no exception.

One season after ending their five-year playoff drought, the Chicago Bulls will head to Paris for a regular-season game against the Detroit Pistons in 2023.

For more on all of that, make sure to check out our post from earlier this morning:

•   Also popping up on the radar earlier today were more Zach LaVine rumors. *Sarcastic Yippie!* Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer went on to reiterate that opposing teams believe the two-time All-Star can be pulled away from Chicago. And LaVine didn’t necessarily help calm down crazy opposing fanbases when he told the paparazzi he was a “big fan” of the Lakers.

•   Speaking of which, while I understand Laker fans will run wild with LaVine’s remarks, it’s nearly impossible to put much weight on what he said when you actually watch the video. An LA-based member of TMZ was in his face and specifically asked “anything you want to say to Lakers fans!?” LaVine followed with a nonchalant “I’ve always been a big fan” before closing the door. What is the guy supposed to say? Sure, he could have kept his mouth shut, but we all know LaVine to be a nice guy and a West Coast kid who attended UCLA. Responding in that fashion doesn’t really perk up my ears all that much.

•   I also can’t help but continue to think about how challenging it would be for LaVine to actually fight his way to Los Angeles. If this was what he wanted (which I truly don’t believe to be the case) it would surely entail a very complex sign-and-trade. Not to mention, the Lakers would have to find a third team to take on Russell Westbrook, which is sooooo much easier said than done. But don’t take my word for it, take The Athletic’s Jovan Buha’s:

Teams have been demanding the inclusion of at least one first-round pick to take on Westbrook’s massive expiring contract, according to league sources. Rival teams know how much of a public trainwreck last season was for the Lakers, and they’re not looking to do Los Angeles any favors by helping them off of Westbrook’s contract.

•   In case you missed it, Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report outlined the paths that would end with LaVine in purple and gold. We can never say never in today’s NBA, but it would truly be one of the most difficult destinations for the All-Star to end up.

•   As for the other reportedly interested teams like Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks, I just struggle to see the fit. Those are two teams that already possess extremely ball-dominant guards. Not to mention, if there is any truth to LaVine’s jealousy over the attention given to DeMar DeRozan this year, why the heck would he go to a team with an untouchable face of the franchise? He would never surpass Luka Doncic in the eyes of Mavs fans, and the same can be said about Trae Young. Indeed, that’s why I have a tremendously hard time even acknowledging this rumor. Now, if you simply want to say that LaVine has an interest in teaming up with another young superstar … fine. But don’t tell me he wants out of Chicago because he feels threatened by DeRozan only to then pitch me a team like the Mavs or Hawks. Where is that logic?

•   Some more on LaVine’s true likelihood to end up with another reported suitor:


•   By the way, I’m sorry for the crap ton of LaVine talk lately. I know it can kind of be exhausting to dwell on this topic, especially when it still feels as if the most likely outcome is he stays in red moving forward. But I also can’t really ignore anything considered an update. Not only is it … ya know … my literal job, but this is one of the biggest stories of the offseason for Chicago and for the entire NBA. Plus, as unbelievable as some rumors might be, you come to learn that everything holds at least an element of truth in it. Whether this is all for a leverage play or LaVine is truly considered other options, there are always components that have to be taken seriously.

•   In non-LaVine news, we’re starting to learn more and more about draft prospects the Bulls might be interested in! I gave some background on four intriguing names yesterday, so check it out:

•   What draft strategy do you want to see the Bulls take on June 23rd? I think the most common answer is to simply take the best available, especially considering their spot on the board, but I also have to imagine fit will be taken into account at least a little. This is a Bulls team that desperately needs to improve around the margins, and they also plan to be competitive heading into the 2022-23 campaign. Assuming money is handed to LaVine, there isn’t going to be a lot in the bank to add several high-impact role players, so perhaps Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley view the draft as an opportunity to add an immediate contributor. We’ll see.

•   Familiarize yourself with more talent:

•   Hey, that’s pretty darn cool!


•   lol that image

•   Let’s hope … well.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.