Obsessive Zach LaVine Watch: "I Don't Think [He] Wants to Leave"

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Obsessive Zach LaVine Watch: “I Don’t Think [He] Wants to Leave”

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Zach LaVine has been the talk of the town the last few weeks, and that won’t be stopping anytime soon. In the latest entry to the “Zach LaVine Obsessive Watch” chronicles (that now seem to be a daily installment), ESPN hoops guru Brian Windhorst said that he doesn’t believe that LaVine wants to leave Chicago.

Windhorst had this to say on The Hoop Collective Podcast regarding the two-time All-Star and his impending free agency: “I don’t think Zach LaVine wants to leave; that’s not my read.”

All right. Cool. I would love to feel great about that … but it’s just one person’s “read” on the situation, and it conflicts with reports that LaVine is ready to take on the free agency process with eyes wide open as he searches for the best fit for him moving forward. We’ve had reports that Zach could be in play for other teams this summer. We’ve had reports that Zach isn’t going anywhere. We’ve even most recently had reports that the Bulls front office might be split on whether or not they believe that LaVine is worth a max extension this summer.

But you’d be wise to bet that we’ve only heard the beginning of the back and forth that will surround the LaVine free agency. I sure am glad that Eli will be back on the “Zach LaVine Obsessive Watch” detail when he returns from vacation. No rush, Eli. Enjoy for now.

Anyways, I tend to agree with Windhorst at this point for what it’s worth. The Bulls are the only team that can give LaVine a five-year deal. While I completely understand (and encourage) Zach to explore the open market with eyes wide open, I don’t think there’s another situation in the NBA where Zach can be the face of a franchise and the leader of a team contending for the postseason as he can in Chicago.

You can listen to Windhorst’s full thoughts on the LaVine situation and more in the latest episode of The Hoop Collective Podcast here:

Author: Patrick K. Flowers

Patrick is the Lead NFL Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @PatrickKFlowers.