Bulls Remain “Confident” They Will Re-Sign Zach LaVine

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Bulls Remain “Confident” They Will Re-Sign Zach LaVine

Chicago Bulls

Okay, now THAT’S what I like to hear.

While the Chicago Bulls were staying quiet in the first few hours of free agency, news trickled out that Zach LaVine was NOT expected to sign a deal tonight. Now, that wasn’t entirely unexpected — LaVine’s camp indicated that they wanted to take their time with his first trip through unrestricted free agency — and the odds still pointed overwhelmingly in the Bulls favor. But it wasn’t exactly what anyone wanted to hear.

With that said, the main goal of the evening was to simply meet with LaVine in an official capacity, and that reportedly did happen. And better yet, it sounds like it went well, per Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun Times.

(The surprise availability of Kevin Durant) also didn’t interfere with the Bulls’ main objective on Day 1 of free agency – which was to meet with unrestricted free agent Zach LaVine about a max contract that would keep him in Chicago for at least the next five years.

Sources said that the Bulls remained confident that their price tag of nearly $215 million – the most any team could offer – would be agreed upon by LaVine, with the two-time All-Star wanting to hear all offers and be deliberate in the process.

In his late-night write up, Cowley cited sources that the Bulls not only met with LaVine, but also that they are, in fact, likely to hand him the max AND that they’re confident he’ll eventually accept those terms (which, again, are more than any other team can offer).

I think that’s the best we could’ve hoped for tonight, and I’m glad at least this much came out before my head hit the pillow. Given the lack of an impact additions elsewhere in free agency, the Bulls REALLY need to do whatever it takes to get LaVine back in Chicago. And it sounds like they are.

Author: Michael Cerami

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