Zach LaVine's Crazy Dunk, Bulls Questioned for Quiet Summer, the GOAT Discussion, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Zach LaVine’s Crazy Dunk, Bulls Questioned for Quiet Summer, the GOAT Discussion, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Shoutout to the Chicago Sky for giving me some mid-work-day basketball!

  • Stop everything your doing and watch this video somewhere between 8-23 times.
  • Zach LaVine does things that should only be possible in the Space Jam universe. Like, if he ever jumped 20 feet high, wrapped himself into a basketball, and dunked himself through the hoop with so much force it shattered the hardwood … I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.
  • ESPN’s Zach Lowe spoke with Sports Illustrated’s Chris Herring about all things Bulls on the latest episode of The Lowe Post. And while the two left room for optimism in Chciago, they also – rightfully – called the organization out for its underwhelming summer.
  • LaVine putting pen to paper on a max deal was arguably the most important goal this offseason. The fact the Bulls were able to check that box and didn’t hesitate to pay market value for the All-Star is reassuring. What is the opposite of that, however, is the Bulls’ decision to lay low in free agency and the trade market (thus far). All signs suggest that ownership is – once again – doing everything it can to avoid paying the luxury tax. Lowe and Herring joined fans in scratching their head at the decision, especially after a year where the team showed so much promise. If there was any time to spend a little extra to improve around the margins, it would be after sitting in first place for more than half the year.
  • I once again want to stress that I’ve always been open to this idea of continuity. Seeing what this core can do with the health gods on their side sounds worthwhile. But that doesn’t mean you ignore looking for ways to make a splash or fill holes. I fear the Bulls have done that in large part due to ownership’s refusal to allow this front office to spend freely. And the longer they do that, the longer the Bulls’ silence (as Lowe puts it) will continue.
  • HoopsHype put together what they call a “GOAT Debate Cheat Sheet.” Of course, we all know there is no debate to be had, but I will say the article presents a fun way to look through the career accomplishments of each player:
  • If someone stupid ever makes me defend Jordan’s GOAT status, I think these two facts easily do the trick: He has the most scoring championships in NBA history and ties for the most 1st Team All-Defense selections in NBA history. When we’re talking all-around game and elite two-way play, Jordan simply stands above everyone. No argument.
  • Speaking of great players, I have a slight bone to pick with this image of Kobe Bryant.
  • Bryant was a truly special player. Nobody is denying that. But I’m confused why Laker fans use this image in Bryant’s favor. While I understand the idea of him taking on a quadruple team is cool … it also wasn’t a particularly smart decision this time around. I very much remember this game – as I’m sure many Bulls fans do – and Luol Deng swats that ball at the buzzer to give the Bulls a Christmas Day victory. Bryant probably should have passed that ball out. *shrug emoji*
  • As frustrating as elements of this Bulls’ offseason have been, I am at least happy the Bulls aren’t caught up in the NBA drama.
  • Heck, even with the Kevin Durant situation, I’m kind of glad the Bulls don’t seem to have a good enough offer to throw on the table. While I’d welcome Durant to Chicago with open arms, I don’t want the headache of sweating for weeks over whether or not a deal could get done. Anyway, Max Kellerman tried to present a world where the Bulls would land the superstar, but Jay Williams knew to shut it down fast.
  • Jamal Crawford could probably still get buckets in the NBA.
  • Sorry for the abrupt change of tone, but this feels important to share. Miles Bridges is officially facing felony charges for domestic violence and child abuse. As far as I’m concerned, Bridges shouldn’t play another NBA game.
  • Yes, please, explain it to me …
  • Blackhawks getting worse AND the division getting better long-term? Lovely.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.