Jersey Talk, Dalen Terry's "Unmatchable" Energy, Some Not-So-Great Defensive Numbers, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Jersey Talk, Dalen Terry’s “Unmatchable” Energy, Some Not-So-Great Defensive Numbers, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

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I couldn’t help but think of that meme when I saw the Detroit Pistons announce the return of their teal jerseys on Monday night. While I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I do find this uniform pretty darn sweet. It undoubtedly provides a level of nostalgia that every good throwback should, and I just admire how unique it is when compared to the Pistons’ usual get-up.

With a stellar draft night and now this, I’d really love if the Pistons could stop doing cool things!

  • Is there any classic jersey you still want to see the Bulls take out of the vault?
  • Chicago’s normal road red look is already one of the best in professional sports, so I don’t have much of a bone to pick with their current lineup jerseys. For a handful of years, I just wanted to see the black pinstripes reappear, but they finally gave that to us a couple of years back (even though the actual pinstripes on the jersey weren’t as prominent). I guess all I’d like now is for the Chicago script to become a more frequent visitor. Whether it be sporting the hardwood classic or the city edition we saw this past year (by far the best one yet), I need those cursive letters in my life more often. So clean.
  • *grimaces*
  • To see Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, and Coby White all appear among the bottom 20 defenders is a sobering sight. The fact helps illustrate why the health of Lonzo Ball and even Patrick Williams continues to be such a prominent topic of conversation in the Bulls’ universe. Without those two (and Caruso) in the rotation, the drop-off in the team’s defensive efficiency is borderline catastrophic. I’m not sure any team had a wider range of what they were capable of on the defensive end last season than Chicago, and I fear the organization hasn’t done enough to fix that problem this summer.
  • While Andre Drummond at least offers this team a bigger body up front, it’s not like he’s ever been known as the most ferocious rim protector. As for the Goran Dragic, his value resides mostly on the offensive end as another playmaking option and catch-and-shoot threat. The fact of the matter is this team will still always feel one injury away from being a below-average defensive team. I feel like the only way that doesn’t become the case is if Zach LaVine can finally take a step in the right direction. The Bulls didn’t just invest in his scoring game, they invested in his ability to continue to improve on both ends. Bulls fans sound like a broken record bringing this up, but what he did show on defense at the Olympics was no joke, and we need to see more of that moving forward.
  • The Chicago Bulls released an extended version of the Summer League conversation between youngsters Dalen Terry, Justin Lewis, Marko Simonovic, and Malcolm Hill. If you got the time, it’s a fun watch:
  • After Adam Silver read Terry’s name on draft night, all we heard about was the energy he brings to the floor. We got to see glimpses of it over the team’s five Summer League games, but it was more encouraging to hear his rookie teammate immediately praise him for his on-court presence:

“DT, I’m not going to lie, just playing with you, your energy is unmatchable,” Justin Lewis said. “I always had been the person, like in college, just bringing up my teammates. You bring me up. You make me try to reach your level, your intensity. And that energy is just a domino. It makes everyone want to follow.” 

  • We know from watching guys like Alex Caruso and Javonte Green how much hustle matters. Terry gives this team another unselfish and dirty-work player who is willing to fill whatever role this star-studded team needs. Combine that mentality with his already solid court vision and versatile defensive skillet, and I can see a world where he forces head coach Billy Donovan to give him some decent minutes this season.

“My biggest thing is I try to be the loudest person in the gym, especially when it’s free throws and it gets real quiet, I want to be the person everybody hears,” Terry said. “My message is through the whole gym. So even though my teammates hear it, the other team hears it and everybody in the stands hears it. Just raise that level of competition and competitiveness through all Las Vegas.”

  • I’ll admit that I was high on Sharife Cooper heading into the draft, but some folks were way too angry when the Bulls selected Ayo Dosunmu over him. How about now?
  • My brain refuses to remember anything about this brief era. What a weird time.
  • Please be awesome.
  • As long as that impact is good …

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.