Bulls Pull Up to Sky Game, Lonzo is So Darn Good, Cut Steve Kerr? And Other Bulls Bullets

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Bulls Pull Up to Sky Game, Lonzo is So Darn Good, Cut Steve Kerr? And Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

My golf knowledge is minor, and the blister on my left hand can prove it.

I recently took my father’s clubs off his hands. While I’ve never been against the idea of hitting the green, I’ve simply never gone out of my way to acquire my own set of tools. Now, with those in my closet, the sun shining outside, and the quietest stretch of the NBA calendar upon us, I’ve thought about honing my craft.

The process started yesterday. I Googled some driving ranges near me like a pro, hopped in the car, and bought a bucket of 70 balls. I got to admit, my first swings went far better than expected. I may not have been the most smooth-looking player out there, but I also wasn’t the person shanking balls left and right. If there was anything that gave away my novice status, though, it was probably the lack of skin on my left pointer finger.

After ending with some janky putting, I Googled “best cheap golf gloves” like a pro and found the nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods. I’m now the proud owner of some Titleist glove that received 4.5 stars. I’ll report back on how my next session goes.

  • Bummed the Sky lost but hyped that Bulls players keep showing up courtside.
  • It’s especially cool to see both Dalen Terry and Justin Lewis in attendance. Not only is it good to know both appear to be in town and likey working out at the Advocate Center, but I’m a sucker for some rookie bonding. This Bulls team already feels so close, so it’s just good to know the young guys are already going out of their way to link up.
  • I know it seems like we talk about Lonzo Ball’s value a lot, especially when we consider he isn’t one of the team’s three All-Stars, but the stats explain why:
  • Lonzo Ball had one of the highest matchup difficulties of the season yet one of the best all-around defensive performances. While sample size could play a small role here, there is still little doubt in my mind that he is one of the best defenders at his position. And this chart only further illustrates why the Bulls faced the significant drop-off they did when he sat on the bench.
  • Speaking of which, LaVar Ball seems to believe his son will be “ready to go” by the start of the season. But let’s remember the last time LaVar spoke about something Bulls-related, he said LaVine was sprinting to the Lakers.
  • It feels so wrong to cut Steve Kerr but …
  • If we took Kerr and put him in today’s NBA, he very well could be one of the best 3-point shooters in the league. With that said, Lonzo Ball also happens to be a top downtown threat at this point in his career AND provides far more size and versatility on the defensive end. Not to mention, his transition playmaking is elite. As for Hinrich, he also happened to be an extremely good 3-point shooter (37.5% in his career and leads franchise in all-time 3-point FGs) and is surely the all-around better point guard. Don’t get me wrong, Kerr is a winner, but peak potential alone makes me say Start Ball, Bench Hinrich, and Cut Kerr.
  • I keep trying to remind folks that the salary cap is about to see a massive boost (which means even LaVine’s contract may not look all that big by the end of it). The Athletic’s John Hollinger talks more about what that means for the league below:
  • You got that right, Jamal.
  • The rebuilding Oklahoma City Thunder just pulled off a pretty big move.
  • How about no?

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.