The Justin Lewis News, Even More Pro-AM Runs for Dalen Terry, Durant Stuff, and Other Bulls Bullets

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The Justin Lewis News, Even More Pro-AM Runs for Dalen Terry, Durant Stuff, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

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*Laces up Jordans*

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  • The Chicago Bulls may have gotten some bad news late Thursday night. NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C. Johnson was the first to report that rookie Justin Lewis could have sustained a severe knee injury while working out away from the team.
  • Are the Bulls cursed? Like, is this just what happens when the GOAT has played for your franchise? The injury trouble this organization has endured over the last decades is borderline unbelievable. And, sure, I know Justin Lewis wasn’t expected to play any kind of significant role for the team this season, but this is yet another serious injury to add to a list that’s already far too long.
  • Considering how injury prone this team turned out to be last year, I was looking forward to the little spurts we might get from Lewis this season. Not to mention, we all know the power forward position isn’t the deepest in Chicago, so it didn’t hurt to know someone with Lewis’ skillset could be waiting on the bench. The six-foot-seven forward might be a tad undersized, but he possesses great length and can play with a level of physicality the Bulls have recently lacked. He has the toughness to hand with bigger bodies but the quickness to switch onto smaller guards and wings. All things considered, he holds extremely intriguing two-way upside for an undrafted free agent, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he has a speedy recovery.
  • I’m also hoping the Bulls don’t give up on the Marquette standout too soon. While this severe injury could impact how they feel about Lewis’ future, I still think he’s a worthwhile talent to keep in the building. Again, many thought he would hear his name called on draft night, so I think the Bulls may have been lucky to get him inked as an undrafted free agent.
  • The Dalen Terry Pro-AM Tour continues. The Chicago Bulls’ rookie will apparently compete in Jamal Crawford’s league this weekend. For highlights on his latest appearances, check this out.
  • Kevin Durant might also be bored of all the Kevin Durant news. Long-time NBA reporter Marc Stein theorized that Durant’s recent meeting with Joe Tsai (where he presented the govenor with quite the ultimatum) could have been to convince the organization to lower their asking price in trade conversations. Stein uses the word “exasperation” to summarize the impact Durant might hope to have on this organization. In other words, annoying them enough so they just accept an offer sooner than later.
  • Any time I watch this video I tense up …
  • Kahleah Copper is so darn good. The fact she makes blowing by the defender look this easy speaks to just how talented she is. I can’t wait to watch her in the playoffs again, which the WNBA begins on August 17th.
  • The Roquan Smith situation is a weird one.
  • Some transaction news …

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.