Schedule Release Day, Mitchell's Current Trade Market, Donovan's Wise Words, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Schedule Release Day, Mitchell’s Current Trade Market, Donovan’s Wise Words, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

While we’re still two months and one day away from the start of the regular season, basketball will feel that much closer later this afternoon.

The NBA will officially drop the full 2022-23 schedule today at 2:00 p.m. CT. Some key matchups have already trickled out, and word has also spread that the Chicago Bulls will tip off their season on the road in Miami. More on that and the home-opener below:

  • Do you think Adam Silver considered buying a bunch of baked beans, water, and multi-vitamins before locking himself in his office with the NBA schedule? With big dominos like Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell yet to fall, I have to imagine he’s been a bit hesitant to release the new calendar. Nationally televised games are done with superstar talent in mind, and the last thing he wants to do is put a Durant-less Nets or Mitchell-less Jazz under a consistent spotlight. Indeed, those are two other teams I’ll have my eye on when it comes to high exposure. It will also be interesting to see when the Celtics and Knicks – two reported landing spots for Durant and Mitchell, respectively – appear on the national stage. All of this could tell us something about what the NBA expects to happen in the coming months.
  • Speaking of Mitchell, The Athletic’s Shams Charania dropped a kinda-sorta update on his current trade market. The Knicks and Jazz have reportedly re-started talks about a possible trade. However, at this time, it appears the progress on a deal remains unchanged: “There is no traction between the two teams on a deal, and no Mitchell trade is imminent for the Jazz,” wrote Charania.
  • The fact talks have sprung up again isn’t nothing, but this was always the expectation. As the season inches closer and teams begin to look toward their immediate future, it only makes sense for the trade pressure to intensify on both sides. Not to mention, a team like the Knicks could feel an even greater sense of urgency to get something done with Charania also reporting interest from the Wizards and Hornets.
  • I got to say, I absolutely HATE that Mitchell’s suitors all appear to be in the Eastern Conference. Whether it be the Knicks, Hornets, or Wizards that land the All-Star, the Bulls will have another team to worry about. In fact, I think any of those teams landing him could immediately put them in the same tier as teams like Chicago, Toronto, Atlanta, and Cleveland.
  • Shoutout to Chuck Swirsky for putting this gem from Billy Donovan on my radar:
  • The Bulls’ head coach remains an extremely well-respected face in the basketball universe, and I think his presence at a Coaching U event is another good reminder of that. His words spoken in the video above also provide a glimpse into why he’s proven to be one of the best player-coaches at both the college and NBA levels.

“The hardest thing in coaching is when you’re planting seeds to a young person, or your planting seeds to help somebody, you got to be okay with the time it takes for that plant to grow,” Donovan said. “And that person may grow well beyond ever being able to put the ball in the basket for you and win a game. That’s just the reality.”

  • Zach LaVine easily wins that dunk contest, in my opinion. But isn’t it so darn cool that both these guys are on the Bulls!? No matter how this season turns out, there will be no lack of highlights in Chicago.
  • That man really knows how to rebound.
  • I would have entered the fetal position in the middle of the court.
  • The road to a repeat begins today! Let’s make this a quick first series!
  • Somebody has to teach the young guys.
  • So Roquan Smith is next, right?

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.