All Eyes on Jae Crowder, DeMar DeRozan's Offseason Doc, Front Office Thoughts, and Other Bulls Bullets

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All Eyes on Jae Crowder, DeMar DeRozan’s Offseason Doc, Front Office Thoughts, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

*Opens the door to the United Center*

After you, Jae Crowder.

  • The Suns forward sent out the above tweet in regards to his future in Phoenix before promptly deleting it. Not only has the organization been caught up in controversy after the recent Robert Sarver ordeal, but Crowder’s expiring contract has been thrown into trade rumors throughout the offseason. The veteran forward clearly doesn’t expect to be with the team for much longer, and I’m sure there are a number of teams lined up to welcome him in with open arms.
  • Crowder may not be the sexiest trade target, but he knows what it’s like to play a role for a winning team. He has 107 playoff games under his belt and has appeared in the postseason in each of the past nine seasons. A total of 56 of those playoff games came within the past three seasons as he appeared in the Finals with both the Miami Heat and Suns. He’s the kind of player whose physical toughness and floor spacing would fit into almost any roster, especially the one in Chicago.
  • Owed $10.1 million this season, there could be a world where Coby White’s contract is used to lure in the big man. However, whether or not the Suns would have any interest in the restricted free agent to be is a worthwhile question (although, it’s worth a note that White is very close with Chris Paul). We also can’t forget that other playoff-caliber teams could always offer more intriguing deals, as well. So, yeah, where the Bulls actually stand in the hierarchy of Crowder landing spots is unclear, but I have to imagine the front office has at least thrown his name out there.
  • DeMar DeRozan has provided us with a behind-the-scenes look at his offseason regimen. In the first episode of what appears to be a documentary series, the Bulls’ All-Star travels to Jamaica with his long-time trainer to put in some work. Through watching his workouts unfold and hearing from strength coach Jason Estrada, it’s that much easier to see why DeRozan’s body has stayed in tip-top shape.
  • I’m eager to see what else DeRozan will release in the coming weeks. We know that he did join his teammates in Los Angeles earlier this summer for some voluntary workouts, so perhaps we’ll even get a closer look at what that process was like.
  • Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus asked a pretty big question: Should the Bulls make a panic trade now that Lonzo Ball remains sidelined? He reached the right conclusion and settled on playing the waiting game, but I can at least understand where the concern stems from. We still don’t know when Ball will be on the floor, and this team hopes to stay as competitive as possible throughout the course of the entire season. They might need someone with more two-way capabilities (*ahem* like a Crowder) to help bolster the rotation in the meantime.
  • Having said that, the Bulls basically made their “panic” move in the offseason by signing veteran Goran Dragic. It was a cheap fill-in and surely felt like an insurance signing at the time. I can’t imagine they would plan to do anything else right now. Maybe we’ll be thinking differently if the trade deadline is looming and (1) Ball still isn’t fully healthy or (2) the Bulls are struggling.
  • Andre Drummond is already making his presence felt in the community. You love to see it.
  • K.C. Johnson released his latest mailbag, and I think he provided a nuanced answer on the state of the current front office. There is no question the honeymoon period is over with Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley, but I also don’t think we can’t crack down too hard on them just yet. More time is needed to see how their long-term vision comes into play and whether or not this core is worth building around. And, heck, even if the core does fall apart, we need to at least give them their first opportunity to course-correct.
  • BOOOOOOO (but also congrats, I guess).
  • Training camp is underway and the vibes are strong:

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