Holding Each Other Accountable, Starting Lineup Change? Candace Parker, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Holding Each Other Accountable, Starting Lineup Change? Candace Parker, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

I haven’t had to start a post this way in a while, but it feels appropriate:

Hello, Darkness My Old Friend …

The Chicago Bulls have lost five of their last six games and are now fresh off two-straight blowouts. While last night’s performance against the New Orleans Pelicans may not have been the same lifeless showing we saw against Denver, it was arguably just as concerning. The Bulls didn’t necessarily look like they weren’t trying … they just looked like a bad basketball team.

  • If it’s not getting owned in the paint, it’s getting dominated behind the 3-point line. If it’s not sloppy turnovers, it’s fouling too much. If it’s not missing key shots in crunch time, it’s missing crucial offensive rebounds. Something is almost always going wrong for this Bulls team, and that’s usually an indication that … well … the team might not be that good.
  • Look, I know it’s early in the season, but one month is long enough to start asking the hard questions. There are serious problems with the way this roster was constructed, and I plan to talk a little bit more about that in a separate post soon.
  • For now, though, just look at this tweet from NBC Sports Chicago’s Rob Schaefer …
  • Yeah, that’s atrocious. Every team has a bad stretch or two throughout the year, but this feels like far more than that for the Bulls. They seem to not fully understand the identity they are trying to put into place, and there doesn’t seem to be much accountability about that fact. Will Perdue spoke about this after last night’s ghastly performance, calling the team out for an apparent lack of leadership:
  • Nobody is saying you don’t want a happy locker room or good team chemistry. We can all agree those things are super important. But so is having somebody who reminds his teammates that performances like the past two are completely unacceptable. Whether it be LaVine or DeRozan or even Donovan, somebody has to step up and make everyone else – for a lack of better words – feel bad about the way they’ve played.
  • Meanwhile, Donovan can’t keep doing the same thing. The fact of the matter is that this starting unit continues to get off to slow starts and continues to get crushed on the defensive end of the floor. You, obviously, can’t take LaVine, DeRozan, or Vucevic off the court, so for the sake of simply trying to light a spark, either Ayo Dosunmu or Patrick Williams might have to move to the bench. Goran Dragic has the experience that might help get the most out of these first five. And Javonte Green plays with the energy that the Bulls forget to start every game with. I don’t know what the right move is exactly, but that isn’t my job to figure out. Do your thing, Billy!
  • With all due respect to Trey Murphy – who is shooting upwards of 40 percent from downtown to start the season – the Bulls have to stop letting random role players crush them. Murphy scored 19 points last night behind five 3-pointers, as Chicago seemed to forget he existed on every possession. Honestly, it reminded me a lot of what we saw from Michael Porter Jr. the other night. Don’t get me wrong, MPJ is considered a far better player than Murphy at this point in their respective careers, but it was still another example of the Bulls forgetting that the true stars aren’t the only ones who can beat you.
  • This at least makes me feel a little better.
  • This story isn’t necessarily anything new, but it’s still awesome:
  • This guy is on another level right now.
  • Candace Parker said on a recent podcast that – right now – she does plan to play a 16th season in the NBA. Whether or not that is with The Sky remains up in the air (she’s a free agent), but I have to imagine the organization will do everything in its power to bring her back.

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Author: Elias Schuster

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