A Tough Back-to-Back, Malcolm Hill's Big Shot, All-Star Voting, Rose Interview, and Other Bulls Bullets

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A Tough Back-to-Back, Malcolm Hill’s Big Shot, All-Star Voting, Rose Interview, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

Will the Chicago Bulls ever win again?

  • Of course, I’m being facetious. But I’m not at all joking when I say that I have zero clue when the Bulls’ next win will come. While this group did take down the Miami Heat in impressive fashion on opening night, that hard-nosed crew we watched on Oct. 19 feels like a distant memory. Not to mention, the Heat have now won five of their last six games and have leaped into the East’s 7th spot. While they’re still playing some of their worse basketball of the past few seasons, there is no question they have enough talent and experience to take down this reeling Bulls team.
  • Then, after a trip to South Beach, the Bulls will quickly board a plane for a battle with the Atlanta Hawks tomorrow. As close as they were to stealing a win against this squad last week, that was also with Dejounte Murray and John Collins out of the lineup. Both are expected to be back in the starting five for tomorrow’s game on the Hawks’ home floor (where they also happen to be 10-5).
  • The year will then round out with games against New York, Houston, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Cleveland. In other words, outside of meetings with the Rockets and Pistons, I’m not sure the Bulls will walk into any of these final seven games as the clear-cut favorite. And, even though it still does feel like they should have the upper hand against both the rebuilding Rockets and Pistons, we’ve already seen them lose to similar squads this year (Magic and Spurs). So … unfortunately … it’s not entirely out of the question that things go from bad to worse to fans protesting outside the United Center over the next two weeks.
  • But, hey, maybe they’ll surprise us tonight (*he writes with a complete lack of conviction*! For whatever reason, this team has played better against more formidable opponents, and they have at least seen what it takes to beat a veteran group like Miami. The Bulls used a pretty well-rounded effort to snatch that first win of the season, and they were particularly able to take advantage of the Heat’s turnovers trouble. Their 17-12 advantage in the points off TOVs battle basically ended up as the difference in the game, as four of the Bulls’ players finished with multiple steals.
  • Expecting the same outcome tonight will be difficult, especially with Miami taking better care of the basketball in recent weeks. However, if there is one area this Bulls team might be able to exploit this time, it could be the rebounding department. Miami ranks just 26th in REB% and Vucevic grabbed his third-most boards of the year when this two first met. If he and Andre Drummond (who Billy Donovan should probably play) can show up with a chip on their shoulder, it could go a long way in helping the Bulls get a much-needed win.
  • I’m just going to keep sharing Windy City Bulls updates because I need some positive vibes in my life. Malcolm Hill hit a huge 3 at the Las Vegas Showcase yesterday, so that’s pretty cool for him!

  • I doubt any of you are eager to submit some All-Star ballots, but voting is now officially live. If there is anyone who deserves to still represent the Bulls, it’s DeMar DeRozan. As poorly as the team has played as a whole, he’s still putting up some extremely impressive offensive numbers. The midrange kick deserves a shot.

  • Derrick Rose sat down for a one-on-one chat with The Athletic’s Shams Charania. Currently out of the Knicks rotation, Rose talks about being at peace with his current career and why his days in Chicago meant so much to him. He also opened the door for possible NBA ownership in the future.

  • Speaking of Rose, he’s a name to keep an eye on in the trade market this season. We all know he has some decent basketball left in the tank as a reserve guard, and there are several teams around the league that could use his veteran experience off the bench. Heck, maybe he’ll even find his way back to Chicago if the Bulls enter full-blown tank mode! That would be one way to keep fans watching as the front office presses the reset button.

  • You tell me!

  • This energy >>>>

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