Joakim Reflects, Fake LeBron Trades, and Other Bulls Bullets

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Joakim Reflects, DeMar is Here, Old Highlights, Imagining a LeBron Trade, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

It’s time to head across the pond!

  • I know I’ve said it numerous times before, but I really do think this is such an amazing opportunity for both franchises. I’m not sure we fully understand in the states the impact this can have on people in other countries and continents. While a Bulls-Pistons matchup sure doesn’t sound sexy to us, it will be the only way for some folks to ever get a real taste of live NBA basketball. Not to mention, it welcomes even more members of the youngest generation to experience this game.
  • We have to look no further than a Bulls legend for the kind of impact these global games can have on the youth. Joakim Noah recently spoke about attending his first-ever NBA game back in 1997 when the Bulls came to town to face Olympiacos. Noah was just 12 years old at the time.

“I remember being a kid and having these dreams of playing in the NBA, playing for the Bulls, and it happens,” Noah said. “And now I’m retired. Now, 25 years later, I’m sitting here and talking about the Bulls playing in Paris as an ambassador for the Bulls. It’s a real full circle moment for me and my family.”

  • Noah also recently spoke with Basketball News’ Spencer Davis about the Paris game and his work growing the Basketball Africa League. I highly recommend giving that a read here. Noah is truly going above and beyond to develop this game and better several communities. The Bulls should be truly honored that he still reps this franchise.

  • We’ve known this would be the case for several days now, but the Bulls sent out the official word this morning: DeMar DeRozan is available for the big game!

  • As we touched on in yesterday’s bullets, Zach LaVine and DeRozan had been on quite the solid stretch before DeRozan hit the injury report. One can only hope this chemistry continues when the ball tips this afternoon, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not at least a tiny bit concerned. We all know this team has struggled to find a true offensive rhythm this season. Between DeRozan’s ISO possessions, LaVine’s transition work, and Vucevic’s post-ups, there are several mouths that have been hard to feed without a true point guard. The moment the Bulls finally seemed to figure out something that worked, DeRozan got hurt and LaVine’s hand got messed up. Will it take them a while to get back on track or can they pick up where they left off?
  • This is so sick …

  • NBA History on Twitter shared some highlights of this historic matchup from over the years. And this is by far my favorite clip:

  • This is a close second. I still can’t believe how high that man got.

  • The Athletic’s David Aldridge recently broke out the ole trade machine and thought about possible moves for superstar LeBron James. He ended up mentioning the Chicago Bulls while weighing his options, presenting a deal of DeRozan, Alex Caruso, and Patrick Williams for James. By the way, I’ve seen some of those random fan accounts sharing this as some kind of actual report. This is nothing more than a thought experiment by Aldridge, and he even gives this specific deal just a 5/10 on the “possibility scale.”
  • Not to mention, I strongly struggle to see a world where James would view this as the best landing spot. While I guess the idea is that he would have LaVine and Nikola Vucevic to contend with, losing DeRozan and Caruso isn’t nothing. Also, are we sure this would even make sense for Chicago? As great as James has been over the years, he’s heading toward 39 years of age. Adding him just doesn’t feel like it makes you a true contender anymore. If I was more confident that the Bulls would be in the NBA Finals mix upon making the move – even if it was only for a season – I’d consider it. I don’t think that would be the case.
  • Lauri, we get it. You’re good now. Stop making it hurt.

  • Fun Ayo content …

  • When I talk about the Bulls being on a big stage … I mean it:

  • I’m convinced the Bulls would beat the Pistons in soccer.

  • I’m hoping the game isn’t close enough to call for one of these …

  • Did someone say MVP!?

  • What a fall from grace for the Bucs OC:

  • Hm.

Author: Elias Schuster

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