Here's a Bunch of Bulls Content From Paris You May Have Missed

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Here’s a Bunch of Bulls Content From Paris You May Have Missed

Chicago Bulls

I bookmarked basically every cool thing that came out of the Chicago Bulls’ trip to Paris just in case you may have missed it.

So, yeah, this post is going to be a dumping of all those cool videos/stories/tweets. Enjoy!

  • First things first, you have to see this!

  • Second things second, I never thought I’d see the day when Pistons PA announce John Mason introduces the Bulls. Here’s the electric intro from Paris …

  • Alex Caruso really likes croissants.

  • So does Billy …

  • It was awesome to see Joakim Noah, Alex Caruso, and Dalen Terry all working with some future hoopers!

  • Speaking of future hoopers, there were a whole lot of kids hoping to spot some NBA celebs.

  • One youngster even got to ask LaVine a question, which came tied to a great response from the All-Star:

  • Did DeMar DeRozan just say that he autographed someone’s birth certificate?

  • The autographs were plentiful …

  • As were the interviews …

  • Dalen Terry asked the most hard-hitting questions.

  • Meanwhile, Derrick Jones Jr. asked the BIG question.

  • First one to the top wins!

  • Someone call the travel channel and get the people what they want!

  • The man is #old.

  • Do you think the trophies flew first class?

  • No beaucoup? So I guess it was just ok?

  • A square dance in France!? Is that a first!?

  • Well said, Zachary.

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Author: Elias Schuster

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