A Wild MJ Comp, Hawks Come to Town, and Other Bulls Bullets

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A Wild MJ Comp, Hawks Again, Behind the Scenes in Paris, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

My dog loves to cuddle on the chair in my office and rest her head on my wrist while I type. Of course, it’s incredibly adorable, and I refuse to tell her to stop out of fear that she’ll never love me again.

But, I got to be honest, after like 20 minutes of her laying there my hand always falls asleep and it’s so uncomfortable. Do you think if this causes me any sort of injury I can file for worker’s comp?

  • Let’s start today with an absurdly silly comment courtesy of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni.

“I know this is high praise, but to have him out there is like having, I shouldn’t even go there, but it’s like having Michael Jordan out there.”

  • With all due respect to Mr. Jalen Hurts … no. No, it’s not. The funniest thing about this is that Siranni even acknowledges that he probably shouldn’t speak those words. And, look, I’m not trying to take this remark too seriously or blow it out of proportion, but I do think it’s always important in sports to manage expectations. The last thing you want to do is put a QB who is about to play in his first-ever NFC Championship game on too high of a pedestal. Comparing him to the most iconic name in sports history might not be the best way to relieve some of the pressure. I don’t know. I guess all I’m saying is quotes like that can sometimes come back to bite guys in the butt.
  • The Atlanta Hawks will head to the United Center tonight for their third matchup against the Chicago Bulls. The two teams have thus far split the season series thanks to heroic last-second shots by youngsters AJ Griffin and Ayo Dosunmu. While it’s hard to imagine this game comes down to another buzzer-beating attempt, I can certainly foresee another down-to-the-wire showdown. The Hawks have won five of their last six games to put themselves back over .500. They did drop a confusing matchup with the 13-win Charlotte Hornets this weekend, but their 9th-place net rating over the last 10 games suggests they have figured something out.
  • Of course, we can say the same about a Bulls squad that is 10-6 over their last 16 games and hold an even better 7th-place net rating in the last 10 contests. Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan, and Nikola Vucevic have made real collective progress, each scoring 30 or more points at least once over the last six games. There should be no reason this trio can’t keep up the strong play tonight. While Dejounte Murray is always a playmaker on the defensive end, Atlanta is allowing the 5th-most points in the paint per game. The Bulls shot 50.0 percent from the field the last time these two met and outscored the Hawks by 10 inside.

  • I can never watch this just once …

  • Things are still silent on the Chicago Bulls’ trade front. HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto released another massive trade deadline notebook and guess which team wasn’t mentioned even once? I’m not saying I want this franchise to be caught up in every single trade rumor, but I would at least like some indication that they’re thinking about how to improve this roster. Arturas Karnisovas and Co. have truly proven to be one of the quietest front offices in the NBA. Nobody knows what they’re going to do or when they’re going to do it. Are there advantages to that? Sure. But I also think there are advantages to playing things out publically.
  • The wonderful people over at BullsTV released a great behind-the-scenes look at the team’s Paris trip. A lot of the videos included I’ve already shared here on the site, but there are some new clips and interviews worth checking out.

  • As I’ve said before, I really do think this trip could help ignite a second-half run. These bonding experiences can’t be overlooked, nor can nearly a week of rest midway through the season. Overall, I just think this could have been a great way for the Bulls to put some ugly losses behind them and build on the winning stretch they’ve put together the past couple of weeks.
  • These are facts …

  • You gotta do something.

  • Joey Burrr did it.

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