Bulls Notes: Is Pride a Factor? Fake Caruso Trade, Terry Minutes

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How Much is Pride a Factor? Fake Caruso Trade, Finding Terry Minutes, and Other Bulls Bullets

Chicago Bulls

My girlfriend and I got so much cleaning and re-organizing done this weekend. On one hand, I feel incredibly accomplished and relieved. On the other hand, I’m now petrified to touch or move anything.

We’ll see how long I can go without messing anything up. The Bulls play tomorrow, so the chance of me throwing a pillow and it knocking something over is remarkably high.

I’m kidding, I don’t actually throw things during games … I hold everything inside to the point where every organ in my body is throwing up and crying. Ya know, normal stuff.

  • Here’s something we might not consider enough when speaking about the Bulls’ deadline plans: Pride. I’m not saying it should be a factor, but I have no doubt it is for this front office. Arturas Kanrisovas and Marc Eversley came in with an iron fist. They – admirably – picked an immediately competitive direction and gave up considerable assets to build out this pre-existing core. The fact of the matter is that this roster is their first child, and we all know how protective parents can be over baby No. 1 (this is coming from a Baby No. 2).
  • We seriously can not underestimate the power of pride over the next couple of weeks and months. The willingness to press the reset (or reshuffle) button just two deadlines after they started this process will come with criticism. It’s basically an admission of failure, and the front office should be held accountable for that failure. But here’s the thing: It’s better to fail now than later. The longer they refuse to fix something that’s broken, the more embarrassing things can become. Not to mention, it only makes the Bulls look more stubborn and accepting of mediocrity.
  • While some might be put off by the rate at which the front office reverted course, many others will at least respect the fact that they took action as quickly as they did. After all, if this front office is all about winning and building sustained success, promptly shutting down anything other than that makes sense.

Pelicans get: Alex Caruso and Andre Drummond
Bulls get: Jaxson Hayes, Kira Lewis Jr., New Orleans’s top-four protected 2024 first-round pick, and Chicago’s 2024 second-round pick

  • The Bulls would receive two very interesting young players to go along with a couple of decent draft assets. I know that the 2024 pick may not be all that intriguing when we consider how good the Pelicans project to be, but it’s still a first-round pick and the West is one heck of a competitive conference. The fact Hayes is up for a fresh contract this offseason isn’t the best, best he also shouldn’t come with too high of a price tag. Meanwhile, Lewis’ combination of speed and length has continued to make him an intriguing prospect at just 21 years old.
  • Again, I don’t actually expect the Bulls to trade Caruso nor am I saying that I’d accept this specific deal. I just think that Pina does a good job constructing what more offers around the league might look like. If the Bulls were to deal Caruso, I still think my desired trade partner would be either the Knicks or the Warriors. The guys out west, in particular, have the better young talent.

  • The minutes don’t currently exist for Dalen Terry. While I’ve made my pleas for head coach Billy Donovan to sneak him into certain games, I also understand why that hasn’t happened. Between Goran Dragic, Coby White, Alex Caruso, Javonte Green, and Derrick Jones Jr., there are just too many experienced role players who can slide into different spots in the lineup and rotation. Having said that, as the team keeps losing, it’s hard not to think the Bulls are wasting precious developmental minutes for the No. 18 pick.
  • Indeed, only two players were picked higher than Terry and have clocked fewer minutes than him this season: Johnny Davis (Wizards) and Chet Holmgren (Thunder). Davis has struggled with injuries all year long while Holmgren was ruled out for the year prior to the season starting. Overall, out of this 2022 draft class, Terry has clocked just the 39th-most minutes (56).
  • In other words, it simply isn’t normal for a pick as high as Terry to play as little as he has. And I’m very curious to see if this deadline can be used to open him up a spot. Not only do I think the Bulls can benefit from trying something new, but they might be better off prioritizing his development if the losses keep stacking up.
  • I hate the refs, man.

  • That Nikola Vucevic hook shot has returned to form this season …

  • I’m extremely bummed to see Candace Parker head out of town. A big shoutout to her for bringing the city a championship and placing so many eyes on the Sky. I wish her nothing but the best in Las Vegas (except for when they’re matched up with Chicago).

  • Matt Nagy is going to the Super Bowl …


Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.