Shams: The Bulls Want to Compete and Could ADD at the Deadline

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Shams: The Bulls Want to Compete and Are Trying to ADD at the Trade Deadline

Chicago Bulls

The Athletic’s Shams Charania joined ESPN 1000’s Waddle & Silvy to talk about the Chicago Bulls’ trade deadline plans. And he revealed a pretty significant bit of information.

While recent cries have centered around the team drastically shaking up (selling) the roster at the deadline, Charania suggested that Arturas Karnisovas might actually do the exact opposite. All indications pointed toward the Bulls trying to make the postseason, per Charania, and this could even include trying to add to the pre-existing roster.

“I’ve heard they’re trying to be more active in other ways,” Charania said on Waddle & Silvy. “I’ve heard they’re trying to go get guard help in the trade market … they’re holding out on that hope (Lonzo Ball), but they have been active in the market place, trying to go get a guard out there and see if they can get some help for this group. I’ve heard that more that than I’ve heard ‘hey, they’re shopping Zach or shopping DeMar.’”

Ugh. Is this team for real?

Look, I’m not against the Bulls considering other options at point guard. Lonzo Ball’s health remains a complete mystery, and it’s abundantly clear this roster needs another ball-handler who can help set the table for their top scorers (which is crazy to say when we consider how many backcourt players they do currently have under contract). Even if the Bulls were to move on from one or two of their core pieces, filling the more traditional point guard role would remain a must.

Having said that, what’s the point of trading for that player right now? Unless it’s someone who will be a part of the future plans – acting almost like a free-agent acquisition – this is borderline pointless. It’s really hard to imagine they can find someone in this trade market that would significantly elevate their ceiling in the short term and help secure a playoff bid in the coming months.

If the plan is to keep the existing core intact, the kind of difference-making guards available are going to cost far too much – both in assets needed to acquire them and contract value. The bigger issue here, though, is the mere fact that they’re trying to add pieces to this puzzle.

To make any real difference, it feels like they would have to take a step backward first to go forward. Could I be wrong about that? Sure. But, once again, what’s the point of giving up more assets to build around a trio that has struggled so mightily to co-exist? You can fill a hole with a bunch of leaves but you’re still going to fall through. The fall might have a little more cushion, but it’s not going to be until you fill that hole that you can truly walk again.

I don’t know. I believe there are ways to build a competitive team with pieces on this current roster, but not like this.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.