Zach LaVine is NOT Off the Table Today According to One Report

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One Report Goes Against the Grain and Says the Bulls *ARE* Listening on Zach LaVine Today

Chicago Bulls

If you were craving some Chicago Bulls trade deadline drama, The Action Network’s Matt Moore just gave us some: In his latest intel post only a handful of hours before the deadline, he shared that the Bulls have taken offers on two-time All-Star Zach LaVine.

More specifically, Moore claims there were discussions between Brooklyn and Chicago prior to the early-morning Kevin Durant trade to Phoenix.

“Keep an eye on Chicago, which continues to take offers for Zach LaVine. Brooklyn and Chicago had talks before the Durant trade; it’s not known how the Durant trade affects Brooklyn’s interest in LaVine.”

Uh … wow.

So this pretty much goes against everything we’ve heard about the Bulls’ deadline philosophy up until this point, especially as it pertains to LaVine. Not only have there been repeated reports about the Bulls most likely staying put, but ESPN’s Jamal Collier recently reiterated that Chicago and LaVine remain committed to one another. Earlier in the season we also heard that LaVine was considered “untouchable” by the Bulls’ brass.

With all that made clear, we do know that teams have been keeping a close eye on LaVine for quite a while. We also know that LaVine has apparently expressed frustration with the organization at times this season. Is it that crazy to think we could be blindsided by a LaVine deal? Maybe a little crazy but not totally crazy.

We never know what kind of godfather offers can come through from desperate teams at the last minute. After all, we just saw a massive Durant and Irving deal come together practically on the spot. The Bulls’ front office is as secretive as it gets, so we shouldn’t fully shut down the notion that they have been weighing certain last-minute options from star-hungry teams.

At the same time, I wouldn’t at all adjust your expectations for this deadline. Despite questions about LaVine’s massive contract, he’s still the youngest of the core members and makes arguably the most sense to keep building around. His scoring ability remains one of the best in the NBA, and there is a reason the Bulls prioritized keeping him in town this past summer. I have to imagine the plan is still to formulate a roster that draws on LaVine’s strengths moving forward. I’ll officially believe that’s not the case when I see it.

Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.