This is One of the Best Explanation I've Seen for Why Michael Jordan is the GOAT

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This is One of the Best Explanations I’ve Seen for Why Michael Jordan is the GOAT

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Bookmark this article for the next time someone tries to start a GOAT debate with you.

Sportscenter recently re-shared a tweet by ABC Morning News Anchor Lake Lewis Jr. on one of the NBA’s hottest topics. Mentioning that he originally saw the words shared on Facebook, the post goes on to read the following:

If you want stats, look for LeBron.
If you want rings, look for Russell.
If you want MVPs, look for Kareem.
If you want records, look for Wilt.
If you want impact, look for Steph.
If you want dominance in a position, look for Shaq.

If you want perimeter defense, find Gary Payton.
If you want athletics, find Kemp, or Giannis.
If you want greatness, look for Bird or Magic.
If you want exquisite dunks, look for Carter, Dr. J or Wilkins.
If you want a good Trash Talker, look for Garnett.

If you want influence, look for Iverson.
If you want remarkable scoring skills, look for Durant.
If you want competitiveness, look for Kobe.

If you want impact at Clutch moment, look for Kobe again.

Now, if you want all of the above in a single player, then look for Michael Jordan.

You can go give all the original tweet the love it deserves here:

I don’t know about you, but that might as well be the next explanation I’ve seen for why Michael Jordan remains the GOAT of all GOATs. I mean, seriously, how many other players in NBA history can check that many boxes? I’ll wait!

Some like to go and point toward LeBron James’ stats and longevity as the reason he should reign supreme. But the fact of the matter is that’s only a piece of the puzzle when we’re talking about the greatest of all time. Whether it be something tangible like championship rings or intangible like cultural significance, Jordan has met the criteria better than anyone that’s ever taken the court.


Author: Elias Schuster

Elias Schuster is the Lead Bulls Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @Schuster_Elias.