Holiday Gift Guide: Best Chicago Black Friday Deals, Gifts, and More

Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us and bring forth great sporting events, Black Friday deals, festivities, and more. If you are looking for Chicago Black Friday deals as well as information on great holiday events, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s break down some amazing gifts for sports fans, apparel lovers, thoughtful family gifts, and more along with exciting and festive things to do in Chicago over the holidays.

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Sports Fanatic Chicago Black Friday Deals

If you are a sports fanatic or shopping for one, you can score great deals below on some fantastic products. From stadium blueprints to golf mats, we’ve got you covered.


Fanatics isn’t just any sports gear retailer – it’s your one-stop destination for the most extensive collection of officially licensed merchandise celebrating all your favorite Chicago teams. Whether you’re cheering for the Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks, Cubs, or White Sox, we’ve got you covered with an unrivaled selection of authentic fan gear.

Their FanCash program lets you earn rewards with every purchase, making your shopping experience even more exciting. And here’s a game-changer for jersey lovers: our unique Jersey Protection. If your favorite player gets traded or changes teams, we’ll replace your jersey for free. Yes, you read that right – free.

Fanatics offers an extraordinary assortment of gear, ensuring that you’ll find exactly what you need in every team and size. And for those who crave exclusivity, our Fanatics exclusives are just for you. Discover one-of-a-kind designs, exclusive autographed memorabilia, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are simply not available anywhere else.

Connor Bedard NHL Debut Crystal Puck

Seize the chance to own a piece of hockey history with the exclusive Connor Bedard Crystal Puck, a perfect gift for any Chicago Blackhawks fan or anyone who wants to own a piece of history . This isn’t just a puck; it’s a frozen moment in time, capturing the excitement of Bedard’s thrilling NHL debut. Imagine the awe and delight of gifting this unique treasure, filled with actual game-used ice from his first career game.

This crystal puck is not just a collector’s item; it’s a badge of Chicago honor, complete with an individually numbered and tamper-evident hologram, ensuring its authenticity and uniqueness. But remember, like Bedard’s meteoric rise, the availability of this puck is limited.

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate a new era in Blackhawks history and have someone you love be part of Connor Bedard’s journey right from the start. Secure your piece of the action now and have your gift be the envy of every Blackhawks fan!



Cubs Sleepwear

Surprise the ultimate Chicago Cubs fan in your life with the Concepts Sport Badge Sleep Set – the perfect gift to celebrate the best team in baseball. This sleep set is more than just nightwear; it’s a badge of honor for true Cubs supporters.

This isn’t just a set of pajamas; it’s a nightly ritual for victory. Superstitious Cubs enthusiasts will find comfort and perhaps a touch of luck in wearing this set every night the Cubs play, believing it could sway the game’s outcome in favor of their beloved team.

The sleep set is crafted with super-soft fabric, not only ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep but also serving as a cozy talisman for Cubs victories. The bold Chicago Cubs graphics emblazoned on the tee are more than mere designs; they symbolize unwavering loyalty and perhaps a little bit of that Wrigley Field magic. Paired with timeless plaid bottoms, this set is not just about showing team pride; it’s about being an integral part of the Cubs’ journey to victory.



Ballpark Blueprints

Looking for prints of your favorite team’s stadium or ballpark? Ballpark Blueprints has you covered. They create gorgeous prints of the most popular teams’ stadiums on mousepads, ties, coasters, and more. Here are some of the best to check out this holiday season.

Stadium/Ballpark Coasters

Chicago sports fans! Transform your game day experience and protect your coffee table in style with our exclusive Chicago stadium and ballpark coasters! Imagine the pride and conversation these coasters will spark, showcasing your favorite home stadium.

Each time you set down your hot or cold drink, feel a sense of connection to the team you love, all while keeping those pesky stains at bay. Crafted from robust masonite hardboard tempered material with a cork bottom, these coasters aren’t just practical; they’re a statement of your loyalty and passion.

Cleaning them is a breeze – just a quick wipe with a damp cloth, and they’re ready for the next match day. Sized perfectly at 3.75 x 3.75 inches, they’re ideal for any beverage, making them a must-have for every game-watching session. But don’t wait – these coasters are as popular as a game-winning homerun and are going fast! Grab your set now and elevate your team spirit while keeping your surfaces pristine. It’s not just a coaster; it’s a tribute to your team and the perfect addition to any sports fan’s collection.

$32 (Set of 4)


Uncommon Goods

Trying to find the right gift for the holidays but are out of ideas. Uncommon Goods specializes in being out of the ordinary. The company has it all including sweaters, ornaments, Christmas journals, and more. A great place to find gifts for your friends and family during the holidays.

Favorite Team’s History

Listen sports fans, if you love your team, you will love this incredible history of professional teams from the New York Times. From the Chicago Bears to the Chicago Cubs, you can retrace your team’s history through the coverage of the New York Times.

The historic pages go back through the glory days with headlines, photos, and more. Every history is at least 70 pages in length going back to your favorite team’s early years while the book size is 15 x 12.5 inches. You can even add the recipient’s name to be embossed on the cover for a personal touch.

$80-$130 Depending on Team

($5 off for signing up for e-mails)


Gel Blaster

Who doesn’t love a little backyard fun? Gel Blasters shoot eco-friendly, non-toxic gellets which leads to fun battles with your friends. Let’s take a look at the best blasters and accessories to gift during the holidays.

Gel Blaster Starfire

Unleash the thrill of the game and become an eco-warrior with Gel Blaster! Imagine the adrenaline rush of epic backyard battles or friendly competitions, all while wielding a blaster that boasts remarkable range, pinpoint accuracy, and impressive power. Feel the excitement as you dodge and weave, the air alive with the buzz of gellets. But here’s the best part: your fun isn’t just about the game. With every purchase, you’re making a difference.

Picture a new tree taking root, thanks to you, and visualize 0.16 lbs of plastic being saved from our precious oceans. This isn’t just a blaster; it’s your ticket to hours of exhilarating play and a tangible step towards a greener planet. But act fast – these eco-friendly blasters are in high demand, grab your Gel Blaster now and step into a world where every shot counts for fun and the future!



Perfect Practice

Since it can be quite cold across major parts of the United States during the holidays, what better gift than putting mats and accessories from Perfect Practice? Let’s take a look at some of their best Black Friday Deals available right now!

V4 Compact Putting Mat

Transform your living room into a golfer’s paradise this winter with Perfect Practice’s V4 Compact Putting Mat. Imagine the satisfaction as you sharpen your putting skills, feeling the smooth roll of the ball on a surface that mirrors the greens you dream of.

With every putt across the 8 feet of velvet and felt, you’re not just practicing; you’re elevating your game, ready to impress when the season begins. The smaller hole size isn’t just a feature; it’s your new precision coach, challenging you to refine your aim and boost your confidence.

Visualize success with the clear track lines, guiding each putt with purpose and intention. And don’t worry about slips or slides; the robust rubber base grips steadfastly to any surface, ensuring a stable and true putting experience. But wait, there’s more – act now to take advantage of a once-in-a-winter 25% Black Friday discount. This isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in the joy and mastery of your golf game. Secure your path to golfing greatness today – this offer is as fleeting as a perfect shot.

$124.99 (Use code PUTT25 for 25% off select mats)


Best Apparel Chicago Black Friday Deals

Whether you are looking to show support for your favorite teams or just keep warm, there are amazing Black Friday deals for apparel. Here’s a look at how to get your hands on hoodies, retro sports gear, heated jackets, and more to shine this holiday season.


No true sports fan is without their vintage gear. You might have your favorite Chicago Bears jersey still hanging in your closet from a decade ago. Why not add some more old-school gear to your collection? Homage has retro shirts, sweatshirts, and more for sports fans. They even have great retro pop culture apparel as well.

Don’t forget to get in on the Holiday Giveaway from Homage! Enter below for a chance to win!

Merry Clarkmas, Grateful Dead Bulls, and More

Oh, the holidays – that magical time of year when you get to show your pop culture and sports-obsessed loved ones how much you really ‘get’ them. What better way to say “I know you” than with a t-shirt that screams their personality louder than Aunt Karen after one too many eggnogs? Enter Homage’s National Lampoon’s Merry Clarkmas, Ric Flair “Wheelin Dealin Son of a Gun“, and other truly unique designs.

They’re not just shirts and hoodies; they’re wearable love letters to their obsessions. Giving Homage for the holidays is a statement that says, “I remembered you like things, I swear.” And with Homage’s free returns and exchanges, it’s like saying, “and if I don’t, think of it as a gift card” Act fast though, because just like the holiday season, these shirts are here today, gone tomorrow.


20% Off Site-Wide + free GWP (gift with purchase) of $200+

Expires Friday, 11/24


Powder Addicts

With plenty of winter months ahead, those who love winter sports need to jump on Powder Addicts’ hoodies, beanies, ugly Christmas sweaters, and more. Check out the great apparel for those obsessed with skiing and snowboarding.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ready to be the uncontested champion of the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” contest? Power Addicts has got you covered – literally. Prepare to make a grand entrance at your next holiday bash with sweaters so wonderfully hideous, they’re practically a work of art.

Crafted from fabric that’s softer than your favorite blanket, these sweaters are like wearing a cloud – if clouds were vividly and questionably decorated. The inside? Oh, it’s just brushed fleece, ready to pamper you as you bask in the glory of your fashion bravery. And let’s not forget the painstaking effort that goes into each sweater.

Every panel is printed, sewn, and cut with such precision, you’d think it was haute couture. But act fast – these beauties are flying off the shelves faster than you can say ‘fashion statement.’ Grab one and be the hero (or villain?) of your next holiday gathering. Who knew being ‘ugly’ could feel so good?

$75 $60 (Save 20% by Dec. 6)

Spend $50, Get $10 Off (Code: BF10)

Spend $100, Get $15 Off (Code: BF15)

Spend $150, Get $20 Off (Code: BF20)


Great Chicago Gifts for Loved Ones and Family

There is nothing more important during the holidays than family. If you are looking for great gifts for those closest to you or a way to support our troops, great companies like Storyworth and Troopster have thoughtful and heartwarming gifts.


Just like family traditions, family stories should be passed down for generations. Let Storyworth memorialize them for you. As Storyworth puts it, everyone has a story worth sharing. There is no better gift for the holidays than preserving life’s most precious moments in a Story worth book. They help your favorite memories last for years to come.

Storyworth Subscription

If you are looking to feel connected to friends and family, to hold on to precious memories, or to learn more about the people you love, the Storyworth subscription is one of the best ways to do it. Storyworth is like a conversation. It’s simple, you choose a question that inspires a loved one to write once a week. They share their reply in an email. When the year is over, the stories are bonded into a wonderful book for you to keep. An easy and consistent process to bring back a treasure trove of memories.

$89/Year (Get $10 off through 12/31/2023)



For some families, the people they love are serving their country as heroes to us all and missing the holidays. Troopster allows you to support troops by shopping for care packages or donating care packs to a US troop, unit, or squadron deployed overseas. Let’s look at how you can give back to our troops and support those fighting for freedom over the holidays.

Donate 3 Care Packs

This holiday season, imagine the joy and comfort you can bring to a service member far from home. With just a simple gesture of donating three care packs through Troopster, you have the power to touch the lives of those bravely serving our country across the globe. Feel the warmth of giving, the satisfaction of knowing that your generous act bridges the distance, bringing a piece of home to those defending our freedom.

Troopster collaborates with all branches of the military, ensuring your heartfelt support reaches the hands of a soldier, sailor, or airman in need. Picture their smiles, the uplifting surge of morale, as they unwrap a care package brimming with familiar items from beloved brands like Colgate and 5-hour Energy, sponsored by generous companies including Dominion Energy.

This isn’t just a donation; it’s a personal connection, a shared moment of joy. Act now – these heroes are waiting, and your chance to make this holiday season truly special for them is both precious and fleeting. Be the reason a service member feels remembered and cherished, even miles away from home.

$45 Donation (Supports 3 Troops)



Just because you can’t be there to celebrate in person doesn’t mean you can’t bring joy to those you love. A thoughtful gift basket works for occasions throughout the year and no time is better than during the holidays. GourmetGiftBaskets is stacked with gift baskets to perfectly capture the holiday season. Let’s take a look at one of its best sellers that you should consider gifting to a loved one this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Basket

Nothing brings the joy of the holidays like a fantastic gift basket. The Christmas Gift Basket Classic is filled with a wide assortment of holiday spirit including cheese, cookies, kettle corn, crackers, and double-dipped peanuts.

Bring some warmth and cheer by gifting a basket that captures the holiday season better than any other. Add a personalized greeting card to go along with the packed basket of delicious snacks that also include dark chocolate Cubetti, red velvet cookies, and more.

$69.99 (20% off with code JOY23)


Best Black Friday Deals for White Elephant Gifts

We’ve all been searching for the right gift to bring to our white elephant parties or family events. Here’s a look at a good idea to jump on for the holidays.

Pit Vipers

The Pit Vipers brand has a fantastic line of sunglass-goggle hybrids (and their website isn’t half bad either). They are great for all sorts of activities such as bike riding, water sports, winter sports, and more. There are polarized, clear-lensed, and even full turbo vision options available. Let’s check out one of their top options.

The 1993 Polarized

No need to provide our assessment, Pit Viper dropped the mic for us:


When purchasing the 1993 right now, the click from your mouse will sound much more like a bat hitting a baseball with the power to send it out of the stadium.

Yes, we are talking about a home run people.

You complete me‚

– You

$69.69 (Starts at 35% Off – Hurry Before It’s Gone!)


Drinks and Beverages Black Friday Deals

Looking to get a great deal on drinkwear, booze, and more? There are plenty of opportunities to get the best deals this holiday season.

Puffin Drinkwear

We are all looking for ways to keep our drinks cool but our hands warm this holiday season. Puffin Drinkwear is a great option for your friend who loves the outdoors, a college roommate, or your nerdy self.

The Denim

Ah, the jean jacket – the fashion staple that apparently refuses to bow out of style. Well, now it’s taking over your drinkware too. Meet the Puffin Drinkwear, because why should your clothes have all the fun? This isn’t just any koozie – it’s a mini fashion statement for your beverage, giving you that ‘jean jacket cool’ with every sip.

Imagine clutching your ice-cold drink, snug in its trendy little outfit, staying perfectly chilled while your hands remain toasty. And those colors – Totally Teal and Pinball Purple – because your drink clearly needs to be as fashion-forward as you are. So, gear up to give your drink a wardrobe upgrade with this premium-lined, sarcastically stylish Puffin. It’s not just practical, it’s practically a runway model for your hand.




As one of the top brands in the whiskey space, Flaviar has earned rave reviews from the likes of Insider and Forbes. This innovative whiskey company has options such as advent calendars and even a whiskey subscription. Let’s take a closer look.

Flaviar Whiskey Subscription

Embark on the ultimate flavor journey with the Flaviar Advent Calendar 2023: Search for the Secret Spirits, arguably the best gift for any true whiskey connoisseur. This is not just any advent calendar; it’s a masterfully curated experience that stands unrivaled in the world of spirits. Picture the unparalleled excitement of unveiling 24 exceptional and handpicked whiskeys, each a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Relish in the exclusivity of tasting globally acclaimed spirits, including what many consider the epitome of whiskey craftsmanship – the finest American bourbon, rye, and single malt. Experience the thrill of being among the first to sample groundbreaking new releases from 2023, a privilege reserved for true aficionados.

This premium tasting box is an invitation to a sensory odyssey spanning eight countries, with each sip promising an unparalleled exploration of complex flavors. Included are 24 of the most sought-after whiskey samples, a collectible Glencairn glass that enhances the tasting experience, an exclusive leather coaster, and a detailed tasting journal, making it more than just a gift – it’s a comprehensive guide to the elite world of whiskey.

And there’s more – a FREE 1-year Flaviar Black Membership, offering access to an elite club of spirit enthusiasts, is included. This is a chance to be part of an exclusive community, a privilege that true whiskey lovers dream of.

Now, with our post-Advent sale, seize this opportunity to own or gift what is undoubtedly the best whiskey experience of the year. These boxes, coveted by connoisseurs worldwide, are in high demand and their availability is limited.

Starts at $160

$10 Off with Code: BF10


The Holidays in Chicago: Best Things to See and Do

A Chicago winter captures the magic of the holiday season and there is no shortage of great events and celebrations to take part in while spending time in the Windy City. Here are five of the best holiday events to check out during this winter season in Chicago.

Ice Skating

There is no better way to take in a winter evening than lacing up your skates and hitting the ice. The Millennium Park ice skating rink has a panoramic view of the surrounding city skyline. There is also the Skating Ribbon at Maggie Daley Park and neighborhood rinks like the Midway Plaisance.

Holiday Lights

Chicago goes all out for the holidays with great displays of lights throughout the city. A popular attraction is the ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo which has more than two million lights. This includes the Tunnel of Lights which is 600 feet long. The bulbs are synchronized to music.

Don’t forget to check out the official Christmas Tree of Chicago. It’s a local tradition going back over 100 years. This gigantic tree is at the center of Millennium Park.

Museums Showing Holiday Spirit

Chicago museums get taken over by the holiday spirit and get in on the fun of the season. The Museum of Science and Industry has its annual Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light exhibit. The exhibit honors the traditions of Diwali, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, St. Lucia Day, and more with extensively decorated trees.

Festive Light Shows

Chicago has tremendous musicals, ballets, dramas, and more. There is a long list of limited-time productions to catch over the holiday season including ‘Twas the Night Before, Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins, The Nutcracker, It’s a Wonderful Life, and more.

Amazing theaters like the Goodman, Strawdog, Athenaeum, and others host these fantastic productions.

A Christmas Market

The great city of Chicago sports an authentic German Christmas market at the Christkinglmarket. It’s an annual event with free admission in the heart of downtown. There are vendors selling ornaments, cuckoo clocks, gloves, and more gifts and crafts. Also, there are plenty of delicious and traditional German treats.

Enjoy the Holidays!

Whether you are out on the town checking out everything Chicago has to offer or looking for the best gifts and deals, enjoy the holiday season! Be sure to take advantage of these amazing offers while you can before it’s too late.

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