2009 Draft Order and Free Agent Compensation

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2009 Draft Order and Free Agent Compensation

Chicago Cubs

Go here for the 2009 Chicago Cubs Draft resource. This will include order, results, minor league designations, and articles.

As more free agents sign, the 2009 draft order becomes closer to getting set. Right now, the Chicago Cubs still have their first round pick – Milton Bradley was a “Type B” free agent, so the Rangers only got a supplemental first rounder for him. The Cubs will be picking 32nd in June. Here’s the whole first round, and the changes thereafter due to free agent signing and previous failures to sign picks:

First-Round Picks
1. Nationals
2. Mariners
3. Padres
4. Pirates
5. Orioles
6. Giants
7. Braves
8. Reds
9. Tigers
10. Nationals (for failure to sign 2008 first-rounder Aaron Crow)
11. Rockies
12. Royals
13. Athletics
14. Rangers
15. Indians
16. Diamondbacks
17. Dodgers
18. Marlins
19. Cardinals
20. Blue Jays
21. Mariners (if they fail to sign 2008 first-rounder Joshua Fields)
22. Astros
23. Twins
24. White Sox
25. Angels (from Mets for Francisco Rodriguez, A)
26. Angels (from Yankees for Mark Teixeira, A)
27. Brewers
28. Mariners (from Phillies for Raul Ibanez, A)
29. Yankees (for failure to sign 2008 first-rounder Gerrit Cole)
30. Red Sox
31. Rays
32. Cubs
33. Rockies (from Angels for Brian Fuentes, A)
Supplemental First-Round Picks
34. Mariners (Ibanez)
35. Rockies (Fuentes)
36. Blue Jays (A.J. Burnett, A, to Yankees)
37. Brewers (C.C. Sabathia, A, to Yankees)
38. Angels (Teixeira)
39. Angels (Rodriguez)
40. Reds (Jeremy Affeldt, B, to Giants)
41. Rangers (Milton Bradley, B, to Cubs)
Second-Round Changes
49. Pirates (for failure to sign 2008 second-rounder Tanner Scheppers)
66. Brewers (from Yankees for Sabathia)
Third-Round Changes
76. Yankees (for failure to sign 2008 second-rounder Scott Bittle)
97. Blue Jays (from Yankees for Burnett)
Supplemental Third-Round Picks
104. Astros (for failure to sign 2008 third-rounder Chase Davidson)

via Baseball America.

Note there’s nothing special in there for the Cubs. The Cubs signed their picks from a year ago, and declined to offer arbitration to free agents Kerry Wood (sigh) and Bobby Howry (whew), which would have netted the team first round compensation (though each probably would have accepted arbitration, so no compensation was likely forthcoming anyway).

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.