Obessive Peavywatch: Will they, won't they?

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Obessive Peavywatch: Will they, won’t they?

Chicago Cubs

A throwaway line from the
Rocky Mountain News
suggests that the Cubs will, not might,
resume talks with the San Diego Padres about Jake Peavy when the new
owner is decided upon.

The Cubs are expected to renew talks with San Diego about
right-handed pitcher Jake Peavy once the Tribune Co. finalizes the
sale of the franchise.

This is almost certainly simply a case of the writer taking what’s
been out there in rumor form and turning it into an affirmative
statement. I don’t put a whole lot more credit into it than other
other items out there on this point. Also, “finalizes the sale” is
still on an undetermined timeline. Even if we accept that the “winner”
will be announced next week, the next week, next whatever, that
doesn’t mean the sale will be completed any time soon – even though
Cubs Chairman Crane Kenney says he expects the sale to be completed
before Opening Day.

Author: AceRemote