The Cublogoverse is Conventioning

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The Cublogoverse is Conventioning

Chicago Cubs

cublogoverseThe Cubs Convention is underway, and the Cublogoverse is all a-twitter with tidbits from the event. The most terrifying goes first.

Kaplan then brought up the inevitable question….Who’s going to hit leadoff for the Chicago Cubs in 2009? Piniella asked Rothschild to answer that one and he responded with “Carlos Zambrano”. After the laughs died down, Piniella answered the question.

Sweet Lou said he talked to Jim Hendry about the situation and mentioned Aaron Miles’ success in the leadoff spot for the Cardinals and his OBP. He said they would go to camp and figure it out. But Piniella indicated Alfonso Soriano is getting older and could possibly be moved down in the order. While Piniella did not say, it was implied that Soriano would be willing to move down in the lineup. Piniella added Soriano will do what’s best for the Cubs.


Yeah, because that’s who you want getting the most at bats on a team with guys like Ramirez, Bradley, Lee, Soto, Soriano… Aaron flippin’ Miles. The guy shouldn’t even be starting over Mike Fontenot, but that’s a top for another day.

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From the same ChicagoCubsOnline article:

Jake Peavy was briefly discussed. Hendry said because of tampering rules he could not discuss Peavy by name. He talked about the fact he does not like other organizations bringing up his players in possible deals with the media. Hendry went on to say that we would be surprised how much information in the off-season is actually true.

Hendry finished with the fact he is going to keep trying to improve the team. While Hendry did not say, it was implied that the Cubs are still discussing a possible Jake Peavy trade. Later in the interview, Hendry said maybe the Cubs will add a significant guy or maybe they won’t but he does not think it would be right without out checking with the new owner before adding a player. Hendry added, “Maybe we can chase a bigger fish.” Jim Hendry is not done “tweaking” his roster.

No surprise there. Some really great stuff from ChicagoCubsOnline. Tons more. Check it out.

Bleed Cubbie Blue also offered some nugs from the Convention.

Both Soriano and Aramis Ramirez are doing baseball-intensive workouts in the Dominican Republic at the academy the Cubs run in that country. Hendry had encouraged them to do that and is pleased that they are, as am I — it’s even more important as a player moves into his 30’s. BleedCubbieBlue.

That might be the best thing I’ve read about the Convention. Word is that Rich Harden is also hardcore training to remain healthy (makes sense for him, he’s got a huge payday riding on this season). Keeping Soriano and Ramirez healthy this year is going to be critical. It’s assumed that Bradley will go down at some point. But if the Cubs lose him AND one or two other hitters for a prolonged stretch, they could be in trouble.

And finally, Cubby-Blue hooks us up with incredible drawings, as they always do, and an opus on the most important thing about the Cubs Convention: Keith Moreland.

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