OMG Brian Roberts and Peavywatch Rumors in the SAME Article!

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OMG Brian Roberts and Peavywatch Rumors in the SAME Article!

Chicago Cubs

This weekend’s trade with the Baltimore Orioles for two pitchers, one of whom the San Diego Padres had previously inquired about, was bound to stir up some Peavywatch. But… OMG Brian Roberts!

The Orioles still might find a market for Roberts if they finally are willing to move him, which remains an open question. Roberts long has been a target of the Cubs, but his name did not surface in the recent discussions that led to the Felix Pie trade, sources said. FOX Sports on MSN.

OH MY… oh wait. The Cubs made a trade with the Orioles and Roberts’ name didn’t even come up? At all?

Given the salary constrictions and the likely serviceability of a Miles/Fontenot platoon, it’s understandable. Just surprising that Roberts, the Cubs most public target since, well, Jake Peavy, wasn’t even discussed at all.

More, and Peavywatch after the jump.

The Cubs, however, are content with Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles at second base; Fontenot, 28, has a batting average/on-base/slugging line of .290/.369/.457 in 549 career plate appearances. If the Cubs make another big move, it almost certainly will be a trade for Padres right-hander Jake Peavy.

And boom goes the dynamite. Roberts and Peavy, in the same pseudo-rumor.

The addition of left-hander Garrett Olson in the Pie trade was not made specifically with the idea of loading up for Peavy, but as one source said, “it couldn’t hurt.” The Padres sought Olson in three-way discussions concerning Peavy earlier this offseason.

Hey, I just said that.

Interesting, though, to hear a “source” claim Olson was not added specifically with an eye at landing Peavy. Olson could be valuable to this Cubs team, but somehow I doubt he would have been the Cubs’ first choice for a target but for the Padres’ interest.

Now for my own editorial (fancy word for guessing) spin:

Of course the Cubs sought Olson because they’re still after Peavy. The Padres previously told the Cubs they wanted young pitching for Peavy, and the Cubs didn’t have enough.

Two trades (DeRosa and Pie) net the Cubs five young pitchers, one of whom is a guy the Padres were affirmatively going after just a couple of months ago.

The Cubs make a trade with the Orioles, and instead of even discussing the guy they’d been coveting for two years (Roberts), they ask for the pitcher that the PADRES had been coveting. That’s a double intimation whammy: can’t take on Roberts’ salary AND Peavy’s salary (thus, don’t ask about Roberts), and want to get Peavy (thus, ask about Olson).

The Chicago Cubs are on the Padres’ ass for Jake Peavy. Period. QED.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.