Dusty Baker Still Hates to Clog Up the Bases

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Dusty Baker Still Hates to Clog Up the Bases

Chicago Cubs

If there is anything at all that pleases me with regards to former
Chicago Cubs manager Dusty Baker, it’s the fact that he remained in
the National League Central, and thus relevant for our purposes. It
allows me to post things like this.

As for newcomer Willy Taveras, his role is defined.

“His role is he’s our center fielder and our leadoff man,” Baker said.
“The fact that he’s so young – he’s going to get better. A lot of
people talk about his on-base percentage [editor note: it’s a whopping
.331]. I like to think in terms of him getting into scoring position.”

It’s not as if there was any doubt that Taveras would lead off for the
Reds the moment he was signed, but it’s just good to hear it roll off
Dusty’s lips. Bonus comment about not clogging the bases, too. It
pleases me.

Author: AceRemote