Are the Brewers Adding to Their Rotation?

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Are the Brewers Adding to Their Rotation?

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There’s a rumor floating around the ‘nets that the Milwaukee Brewers
are looking to add a free agent starting pitcher to their rotation to
replace Ben Sheets (whom we’ve said before is obviously broken).

The latest name mentioned is Mets
sort-of-reclamation-project-except-he’s-only-27 Oliver Perez. Perez is
looking for a 4 year, $40 mill deal. But the Milwaukee
Journal Sentinel
says the rumor is bunk.

I just saw this report that Jon Heyman said on the MLB
Network that the Brewers might have interest in free agent lefty
Oliver Perez.

Don’t count on it.

When I ran Perez’s name by Brewers general manager Doug Melvin
recently, he showed virtually no interest for two reasons:

1. Melvin doesn’t think he’s worth the money he is seeking (Perez led
the NL in walks last year and can be very erratic).

2. Melvin doesn’t want to forfeit the first-round draft pick to sign a
Class A free agent.

Note that Perez is a Scott Boras client, so you have to take any “X
team is interested” rumor with a grain of salt.

Author: AceRemote