Paul Bako is a Chicago Cub (For Ril, Again)

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Paul Bako is a Chicago Cub (For Ril, Again)

Chicago Cubs

Bako or “The” Bako has been the Cubs’ primary backup catcher target
since Henry Blanco bolted for San Diego – actually, Bako was the
target in lieu of Blanco, hence Blanco bolting. One could question
what exactly Bako provides that Koyie Hill couldn’t (except a few more
fingers), but at least Bako isn’t going to cost the $750k that was
previously speculated.

The Cubs finalized a one-year contract with veteran backup
catcher Paul Bako, who previously played for the team in 2003-2004.
Bako will get a salary in the neighborhood of $500,000, according to
multiple reports over the past few weeks, to serve as the backup to
reigning National League Rookie of the year Geovany Soto.

Bako, 36, a defensive-minded catcher, hit .217 in 99 games for the
Reds last season and bats left-handed. Soto is a right-handed hitter.

That is some hard-ass hitting reporting right there. Soto? Right-handed? Zoinks!

I love the “defensive-minded” preface leading into the joke of a
batting average. Yes, we get it. He’s possibly the worst hitter since
Mendoza. Again, I say: could Koyie Hill really be worse? And does it
really matter that you’re a “left-handed” hitter if that only means
you can hit .215 against righties instead of the .180 you hit against

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