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Cubs Sign Esteban German, Who is Not German

Chicago Cubs

The Sun Times is twittering that the Chicago Cubs have signed Esteban
German – who was recently waived by the Royals (always a good sign) –
to compete for a back-up infielder role. As we recently said, the Cubs
are going to look for a back-up infielder throughout Spring Training.
Maybe German is the guy, maybe not. He’s never hit worth a lick, and
is primarily a second baseman. Even adding him to the in-house
options, Luis Rivas looks like a better fit.

Edit: Such is the danger of remote posting. I was definitely thinking of the wrong guy. German has a solid OBP over his career, and has played a little bit of everywhere, including a little shortstop. You’d have to think he’s immediately got the inside track to the last bench spot.

Author: AceRemote