Closerwatch: It's Kevin Gregg

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Closerwatch: It’s Kevin Gregg

Chicago Cubs

I can’t say I’m surprised: Lou Piniella today announced that Kevin Gregg – and not Carlos Marmol – will begin the season as the Chicago Cubs closer.

Rue if you must, but this is the correct decision, and not simply because of the Cubs’ strong financial incentive to make Gregg the closer. Gregg is an experienced closer, Marmol is an experienced set-up man. This choice allows Piniella to use Marmol in the highest leverage situations – whether they occur in the 6th, 7th, or 8th innings. I suspect, even, that we may see Carlos Marmol pitch into the 9th inning from time to time when Lou likes the matchup.

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Author: AceRemote