Bradley Still Appealing Suspension ... from the Bench

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Bradley Still Appealing Suspension … from the Bench

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley was suspended for two games this weekend after “making contact” (I still didn’t really see it) with an umpire last week. The good news for the Cubs is that Bradley has been out with a sore groin anyway, so he can just serve the two game suspension from the bench he’s been riding.

Er, right?

Not so much. Bradley is a prideful, principled man, apparently. Even though it may result in him missing more games in the end, Bradley is appealing the suspension for now. And Lou Piniella is at least nominally supporting that decision.

“He’s going to appeal it, and we’re going to support him on that,” Cubs manager Lou Piniella said. “Outside of that, there’s not much more to say.” Daily Herald

Piniella then said a little more.

“It’s kind of harsh – two days – and he feels that he wants to get his side heard. We’ll go with that.”

With wet, chilly conditions expected for tonight’s nationally televised series finale against St. Louis, followed by a scheduled off-day Monday, Piniella was asked if Bradley and the Cubs would be better off accepting the two-game suspension now since the 31-year-old has not started a game since he injured his groin last Sunday in Milwaukee.

“That’s a good question, really, you know?” Piniella said. “The big thing is the club and the individual both feel that two days is a heavy load or a heavy penalty to pay for what transpired.”

So this decision was based on principle?

“It’s probably as much principle as anything, yes,” Piniella said.

I get the sense that Lou wishes Bradley would just suck up his pride, accept the suspension and serve it now. But at the same time, the Cubs have a history of getting screwed by the MLB disciplinary system, so I can understand the desire to take a stand and say: no, this suspension is ridiculous.

Ideally, by the time the appeal is heard, Bradley will have pulled a hamstring or something, and will have to miss more time anyway.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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