Mike Lupica Just Blasted Milton Bradley

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Mike Lupica Just Blasted Milton Bradley

Chicago Cubs

On the Sports Reporters this morning, Mike Lupica used his parting thoughts to tear Chicago Cubs outfielder/bench sitter Milton Bradley a new one.

Following Bradley’s comments this week that the media were making it difficult for him to succeed and that he would no longer be speaking with them, we took him to task for his decision to appeal his ump-bump suspension while he rides the pine with a never-ending groin injury, and implored the media to focus on such things that were obviously within Bradley’s control.

But Lupica absolutely shredded Bradley in a way that only Lupica can. His best line came right at the start when he quipped that until Bradley was suspended for bumping Larry Vanover, Lupica had no idea Bradley was even playing for the Cubs.

Lupica, with the fire of someone who took Bradley’s criticism of the media personally, informed Bradley his assertion the media makes things up about him was absurd: we couldn’t make these things up if we tried, Lupica said. Calling him an all star talent with rocks in his head, Lupica concluded that the only reason someone with so much talent could not have been a star every year must be the space between his ears – his choices, his attitude.

How I wish Bradley’s reaction to comments like that would an eagerness to prove Lupica wrong. Unfortunately, I fear the reaction will be more hiding, more complaining, and more games missed.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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