God's Wrathwatch: Aramis Ramirez Out 8 Weeks or More, Derrek Lee to Have MRI

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God’s Wrathwatch: Aramis Ramirez Out 8 Weeks or More, Derrek Lee to Have MRI

Chicago Cubs

gods-wrath2God really is an angry kid with a magnifying glass, gleefully and sadistically watching the ants that play for the Chicago Cubs burn.

We have joked for years that the Cubs are consistently the most injured team in baseball – but usually succumb to the notion that every team deals with injuries, and thinking otherwise is just an excuse.

Well this is getting ridiculous. The Cubs’ best hitter is gonna be out for a long time.

According to Lou and the medical people, Ramirez will be in a sling for about a week as he rests his dislocated left shoulder. Then, he’ll spend the next 3-4 weeks doing range of motion and strength work. So we’re talking a good month without any baseball activity. At the end of that period, the Cubs will see where Ramirez is before allowing him to do any baseball-related activities. So the best-case scenario looks to be six weeks, with eight weeks or even more probably more realistic. DailyHerald.com Blogs.

So that means we’ll see a whole lot of Fontenot and Freel at third, and a whole lot more Aaron Miles at second than we’d probably like. Hopefully he forgets that he’s always been a crappy hitter, and remembers that he somehow figured out how to be a decent hitter last year – naturally, with the Cardinals.

And to add injury to injury, Derrek Lee is having an MRI on Monday in Chicago to figure out what the deal is with his bothersome neck. If he goes to the DL, we’ll finally see Jake Fox.

So, to recap: the Cubs are missing their best pitcher (Carlos Zambrano), their best hitter (Aramis Ramirez), and are already struggling. This is gonna be fun. Maybe Geovany Soto can remember how to be a better hitter than Koyie Hill.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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