Ken Macha Thinks Ryan Dempster is a Head-Hunter

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Ken Macha Thinks Ryan Dempster is a Head-Hunter

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Milwaukee Brewers manager Ken Macha is only a douche by association: he is the new manager of the Brewers, and the Brewers are a collective douche, thus, he is a douche. But that’s just a syllogism – it doesn’t mean that he, personally, is a douche.

Until now.

Ken Macha has started asking for an MLB inquest into Ryan Dempster’s errant curve ball, which flew high and tight on Ryan Braun this weekend. The pitch nicked Braun’s helmet or maybe his bat.

“The league frowns on people throwing at people’s heads,” Macha told reporters this morning. “I don’t know if Bob Watson has looked at it or not. But I don’t think that’s a good idea, throwing at people’s heads.” Hardball.

Macha does not want to carry this banner for too long for three reasons:

1.) It was obviously an accident. It was an off-speed pitch when Braun was squaring around to bunt. Going high and tight to an inexperienced bunter is baseball 101. And pitchers almost never try to hit a guy in the head with a curveball because there is a great deal less control (and less damage, if you really were a head-hunter).

2.) Macha’s efforts, if successful, would no doubt result into an inquiry into the obvious retaliation into the ribs of Ryan Theriot later in the game. Theriot wasn’t even able to start the next game.

3.) I promise you, Ken, if you push too hard, you’re just asking for someone to get plunked again.

Still unclear whether this will go anywhere. The Cubs are no friend of MLB disciplinarian Bob Watson, so it would not be a total shock to see a token suspension or fine come out of this. Sportscenter says MLB probably will look into this.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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