Ted Lilly is a Liar

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Ted Lilly is a Liar

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly, one of 15 Chicago Cubs currently up for possible fine and suspension by MLB, is a big fat liar according to the MLB ump who tossed him on Monday (in a game Lilly was not starting).

“He said I was embarrassing myself, so that’s why I threw him out,” he said. “Then he gave me a few [expletives]. … He was, quote, ‘trying to get his money’s worth,’ I suppose.”

Lilly declined to comment.

Davidson said Lilly lied to the media afterward when discussing the incident. Did Davidson ever make contact with Lilly, as Lilly said Monday?

“There was no contact,” Davidson said. “We never came close, on his part or mine. And everything he said to [the media] was bull. Everything I read in the paper that he said was untrue. He never said one of those words. What he said to me, you couldn’t print in the paper.” chicagotribune.com.

Davidson also said he called a good game, and that Lilly was a big meany stupid-head. Whateves.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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