Sammy Sosa Had Guns, and Wanted You to Know About It

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Sammy Sosa Had Guns, and Wanted You to Know About It

Chicago Cubs

Hey, if I were pumping my body full of ultimately harmful steroids just so that I could be a beast physically in the short term, I’d want to show it off, too.

It turns out Sosa had his jerseys tapered around his arms for a period of years. A study of photo archives suggests Sosa’s jerseys were tailored with elastic inside the arms from 2002-2004, while he was playing with the Chicago Cubs.

Sosa’s custom ordering came to light thanks to pictures of an authentic Sosa jersey that is currently being auctioned off by Hunt Auctions. The jersey, advertised as being used by Sosa for the game he hit home run No. 470, was from the 2002 season.

CNBC confirmed through a source that Sosa did indeed ask for the elastic arm tapering for at least the 2002 season. The source said that he could not remember another player that asked for this specification.

It’s the same reason I wear tapered pants. Yes it is!

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Author: Brett Taylor

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