Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley Need You to Stop Booing Them

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Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley Need You to Stop Booing Them

Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs are back to their slumping offensive ways, and with the division-leading Cardinals coming into town tomorrow, there will be little patience for struggling superstars.

But you’re going to have to resist the urge to boo Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley. It hurts them, and apparently, it makes them suck.

“I can’t go hit for them,” Joshua said. “All I can do is give them the message. These are big league guys and some of them are making a lot of money. I show them on the video what’s going on, I show them their mechanics. You’ve got to execute. The thing I see right now is guys aren’t making the adjustments. Pitchers are doing a certain thing to them and they’re not adjusting to what pitchers are doing to them.”

Two players who seem to be out of sync are Milton Bradley (.236) and Alfonso Soriano (.230). The crowds at Wrigley Field have let both of them know their displeasure.

“[Bradley] is a proud guy, he and Soriano,” Joshua said. “I think the booing might affect them a little bit. They also realize they have to produce.” Muskat Ramblings.

So if you must, absolutely must boo, please end your boo with “urns,” so as to convince Milton and Alfonso that you weren’t saying “boo.” You were saying boo-urns.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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