Sean Marshall Could Go Back to Rotation if Cubs Sign BJ Ryan

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Sean Marshall Could Go Back to Rotation if Cubs Sign BJ Ryan

Chicago Cubs

The Cublogoverse is abuzz over this Tribune article, which suggests that the Cubs are interested in recently released Blue Jay reliever, BJ Ryan … even though we already noted that here at Bleacher Nation several days ago. But whatever. We’re not bitter.

As interesting as a move on Ryan would be, is the impact on the Cubs’ pitching staff. I previously questioned whom Ryan would replace in the bullpen – and the answer may be “the other lefty.”

That’s because a move to add Ryan may allow the Cubs to shift former starter Sean Marshall back into the rotation to replace the injured Ryan Dempster. Presumably upon Dempster’s return, Marshall would head back to a swing role in the pen, instead of his current situational lefty role.

That all said, I remain generally unenthused about a guy whom the Blue Jays were so eager to discard that they were willing to eat more than $10 million just to dump him.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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