Screeching Tire Sound: Cubs WILL Shop Carlos Zambrano This Winter

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Screeching Tire Sound: Cubs WILL Shop Carlos Zambrano This Winter

Chicago Cubs

When Bruce Levine suggested yesterday that the Chicago Cubs might look
to trade ace Carlos Zambrano this winter, most pundits gave it short
shrift (including yours truly). After all, without Zambrano (and
likely-to-depart Rich Harden), the Cubs rotation could look scary.

But now sources say that the Cubs are going to consider trading Zambrano.

Despite the fact that Zambrano has a full no-trade clause,
the Cubs plan on shopping him this off-season, sources said, believing
he’ll waive the clause to go to the right team, as Jake Peavy
eventually did when the Padres consummated a deal this summer with the
White Sox.

Zambrano said recently he’s weary of the media scrutiny after being
criticized for playing softball on a scheduled day off during his
rehab stint.

“Maybe if I go to a different city next year, if I get traded, I can
do what I want,” Zambrano told the Tribune.

Zambrano later said he was kidding and has veto power over any trade.

… While he has won only eight games this season, been on the
disabled list twice and was suspended six games for “inappropriate and
violent actions,” the Cubs think they can find a taker, shed the
contract and get some quality players in return.
Chicago Tribune

Bear in mind that this is coming from Paul Sullivan, a man who would
like nothing more than to see Zambrano traded to the Mars Martians on
the planet of, well, Mars.

And see, here’s the thing about shopping a guy with veto power. If you
shop him, and make a trade with which he’s not happy, he rejects it.
And then you’ve got a guy on your team whom you tried to trade, and
effectively told you don’t want. Oh, and that guy is batshit crazy.
This could get ugly. And interesting.

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