Obsessive Bradley Trade Watch: No Mystery Team?

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Obsessive Bradley Trade Watch: No Mystery Team?

Chicago Cubs

There are now conflicting reports on whether there is, in fact, a
mystery American League team close to landing Milton Bradley from the
Chicago Cubs. Gordon Wittenmyer and Paul Sullivan suggest there is
such a team, while Carrie Muskat says there isn’t.

For my part, I side with Wittenmyer and Sullivan on this one, if for
no other reason than this: Wittenmyer’s original report was full of
details, including the fact that the mystery team had a bad contract
they would be sending along to the Cubs, but that the Cubs would not
want to keep. That’s awfully specific for a completely manufactured

As usual, these things tend to fall somewhere in the middle: i.e.,
there is a mystery A.L. team, but the closeness of a deal was probably

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