Obsessive Bradley Trade Watch: Rumors of Bradley to Seattle Mariners

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Obsessive Bradley Trade Watch: Rumors of Bradley to Seattle Mariners

Chicago Cubs

File this under “Oh Please Dear Baby Jesus No.”

We heard rumors of Milton Bradley heading off to Seattle for “pitcher”
Carlos Silva a few weeks ago. Mercifully, those rumors were quickly
doused. But now they’re back. With a vengeance.

While the Cubs have talked to as many as four teams
regarding Bradley, perhaps the most prominent possibility being talked
about now would send the temperamental, talented outfielder to
Seattle, with underachieving pitcher Carlos Silva likely going to the
Cubs. The contracts are a near-wash, with Bradley owed $21 million
over the next two years and Silva owed $24 million.

Three competing executives said they have heard the Bradley-for-Silva
possibility is still alive, and one AL executive said, “Seattle would
be perfect for Bradley,” suggesting he’d fit best in the placid city
that’s light on media and located in perhaps the quietest corner of
the country. SI.com.

Silva, as you’ll recall, signed a 4 year, $48 million contract with
Seattle before the 2008 season. It was a rueful overpayment then, and
now – following back-to-back horrifically atrocious abominations in
the last two seasons – it looks so much worse. The Cubs have had some
luck with these reclamation project types, but typically it’s been
when there is no real money on the line. And make no mistake: Carlos
Silva, unlike Pat Burrell, cannot be spun-off for a reasonable savings
of money or a reasonable return in players. If the Cubs make this
move, Silva is a Cub. Or he’ll be dumped for less than any player in
history could return.

Well, any player other than Milton Bradley, apparently.

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