So, Florida's Still Got a Shot for Cubs Spring Training

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So, Florida’s Still Got a Shot for Cubs Spring Training

Chicago Cubs

Despite reports earlier this week that the Chicago Cubs had decided to remain in Mesa, Arizona for Spring Training, pending a city vote on Monday, things may not actually be official.

At least Florida doesn’t think so.

“Where we are today is in the running,” Crist said from the pitcher’s mound during a press conference Friday at Cambier Park. “It would be a wonderful, wonderful thing to have the Chicago Cubs in Collier County.”

Crist’s press conference came one day after news organizations across the country began reporting that the team had already chosen to stay in Mesa, Ariz., its spring training home for the past 50 years.

Officials with the city of Mesa and the Collier County group trying to bring the team to Florida for spring training have said they have not received word about a spring training decision.

Crist also debunked rumors Friday, saying he spoke to the team’s owners Thursday and was told no decision had been made.

“(The owners) told me, ‘You know governor, you’re going to see some things coming out in the press but no decision has been made,’” Crist said.

Peter Chase, a team spokesman, on Friday confirmed that Cubs owners have not yet decided on a spring training home. Naples Daily News.

It would make sense that the Cubs would want to play this close to the vest before the Mesa City Council votes to shell out a whole lot of money to keep the Cubs. If the team confirms it has chosen to stay in Mesa, there’s that teeny tiny chance that the city starts thinking about reducing its expenditures.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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