Rob Neyer: 50/50 Chance Cubs Release Soriano

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Rob Neyer: 50/50 Chance Cubs Release Soriano

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano is a popular whipping boy these days, even as we are but a couple weeks into the 2010 season. Still, following a wildly disappointing 2009 season, Cubs fans were hoping for a swift Soriano rebound. Not only has Soriano not rebounded (yet), he has not even looked like a capable Major League player who is just getting unlucky.

Not something you want to see from a guy who’s signed for another 5 years (!) at $18 million per year (!). For his part, ESPN’s Rob Neyer says Soriano might not make it that long with the Cubs.

I see two [options for the Cubs with respect to Soriano]: Release Soriano, or trade him for some other team’s disastrous contract. But a trade’s not likely, simply because there aren’t many (any?) contracts out there that look quite as bad as Soriano’s (not with Barry Zito climbing back to respectability). I think there’s a 50/50 chance that Soriano will simply be released before his contract expires, and perhaps well before then. SweetSpot Blog – ESPN.

I think that’s a pretty fair assessment, though I’d put the odds that the Cubs release him within the next two years at about 1 million to 1. The Cubs wouldn’t take such a drastic step until they absolutely knew he was done, and they absolutely needed the roster spot. I can’t envision that happening for another couple of years.

So, for now, he’s ours, folks. Keep getting used to it.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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