So Maybe the Cubs Aren't Talking Trades with the Angels

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So Maybe the Cubs Aren’t Talking Trades with the Angels

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Yesterday we heard that the Chicago Cubs have been talking to the Los Angeles Angels about Derrek Lee and Xavier Nady, in whom the Angels would have interest to replace recently broken first baseman Kendry Morales.

Cubs reporter Carrie Muskat says not so:

There’s no truth to the rumors that the Angels have contacted the Cubs re: possibly acquiring Derrek Lee or Xavier Nady. The Angels are looking for first base help with Kendry Morales out after freak accident at home plate. I was told the Angels have not talked to the Cubs about anyone. The Cubs still feel they are in the race in the NL Central. If that doesn’t change by late July, closer to the trading deadline, there could be some moves.

I assume Carrie meant to say, in that last sentence, that “if that does change,” i.e., if the Cubs feel they’re out of it by late July.

Here’s hoping the team doesn’t actually wait that long to start considering moves. Unless they make a considered run in the next few weeks, not only will the playoffs become an unlikely scenario as a matter of math, but we already know that this is a fundamentally flawed team – playoff teams do not struggle so mightily against a team like the Pirates.

Lastly, I always find it interesting when two Cubs reporters so unequivocally state opposite things. Dave Kaplan says he has excellent sources who say the Cubs have talked to the Angels about trades. Carrie Muskat says there’s no truth to such a rumor. The truth usually tends to be somewhere in the middle, and in how one defines “talked about trades.” Obviously some contact took place – whether it was as insignificant as a “hello, tough break about Morales,” or as significant as a “hello, we can hook you up with a player to fill that first base spot.”

As I said, it was probably somewhere in the middle – sufficiently innocuous that Muskat could say “no truth,” and sufficiently titillating that Kaplan could say “have talked.”

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Author: Brett Taylor

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