The Chicago Cubs Will Sign Adam Dunn if Marlon Byrd Has His Way

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The Chicago Cubs Will Sign Adam Dunn if Marlon Byrd Has His Way

Chicago Cubs

With a gaping hole at first base, left vacated by Derrek Lee who was traded to the Atlanta Braves two weeks ago after manning the spot for almost seven seasons, speculation as to whom will be the next first baseman is bound to bandy about for the next few months. So I guess I’m saying prepare yourself – it could reach Obsessive Watch status.

Adam Dunn, a free agent after this season, will likely be a primary target, assuming he doesn’t sign the extension that the Nationals are so desperately trying to get him to sign. That is, at least, according to Cubs center fielder Marlon Byrd.

“Definitely. You know the guys we’ve lost this year,” Byrd said. “Quality guys like [Ted] Lilly [traded to the Dodgers] and [Derrek Lee [traded to the Braves]. You’re thinking you have to replace those guys. Our clubhouse is good, but we need some athletes out there. I have an idea who they should bring in, the type of players. I think I have an idea of who to bring in to help us win.”

I asked Byrd what impact Dunn would have on the Cubs.

“He’s a definite automatic. I think anyody wants a guy like that,” Byrd said. “Hopefully the team he is on doesn’t hold on to him so that we get a shot at him next year because thump from the left side like that just doesn’t come around often. You always want a guy hitting 30 to 40 home runs a year on your team. He’s certainly one of the guys I’ve been thinking about.” ESPN Chicago.

Dunn’s general lack of athleticism leads me to question Byrd’s successive comments that the Cubs need “some athletes” out there, and that the Cubs should go after Adam Dunn. Nevertheless, Dunn figures to be one of the better options available to the Cubs this winter.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.